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Do you want to have faster runs?

Do you want to increase your qualifying rate?

Do you want to improve your teamwork?

Online training has arrived and powerful, affordable tools like the Coach’s Eye are accelerating the rate at which people improve in dog agility. Gone are the days of making endless mistakes with your first “learning dog.” Today, newcomers with access to the internet, a camera, and high quality instruction have the opportunity to maximize their dog’s agility performance, right from the start.

If you’re a new handler with your first agility dog, how would you like to:

  • have us analyze your training sessions on video?
  • teach your dog powerful handling concepts that you will use throughout your agility career?
  • recognize errors in your timing of cues, before they become a bad habit?
  • improve your teamwork with your dog?

If you’re an experienced competitor looking to take your game to the next level, how would you like to:

  • fine tune your timing of cues on course?
  • discover and fix weaknesses in your handling?
  • identify and utilize strengths in your handling?
  • increase your yards per second?
  • increase your qualifying rate?
  • position yourself to excel at major competitions?
Join Us!
During this eight week course, we will help you develop four powerful handling skills that have helped us in agility. In addition, we will share key training concepts that will improve your training sessions with your dog. Combined with video analysis of your handling sessions, this will help you take your agility to the next level.

Class Format

The Tune-Up is divided into four modules. These modules will be released one at a time, every two weeks, giving you the flexibility needed to schedule your training sessions. The first module will open when registration closes on May 13th. In the first module, we will introduce training concepts that we have found invaluable, accompanied by a video that demonstrates exactly how to use them in your training. In addition to the training concepts, we will highlight a different handling skill in each module that we have used to improve our own performances, again demonstrated with video.

Improve your training efficiency by:

  • focusing on a single criterion
  • keeping reinforcement rates high
  • using differential rewards and jackpots
  • appropriately dealing with mistakes
  • improving transitions
  • effectively using reward placement
  • solidifying learning with contrasting sequences
  • building complex behaviors with forward-chaining and back-chaining

A focus on these training fundamentals will result in:

  • less confusion for your dog
  • faster learning by your dog
  • improved teamwork
  • a happier team!

Fine-tune your handling using:

  • acceleration and deceleration to avoid traps and create tight turns and strong finishes
  • deceleration to create tight turns out of chutes and straight tunnels
  • well-timed front crosses with good footwork
  • rear crosses when front crosses will create wide turns
  • combinations of deceleration and rear crosses that replace more complex handling maneuvers

After reading and watching, you will have the chance to incorporate what you’ve learned into several exercises that you choose based on your dog’s skill level and available equipment. These exercises range from single jump beginner drills to advanced sequences from major national and international competitions. You will have the opportunity to submit video for us to evaluate with the Coach’s Eye, focusing on the major course concepts and timely execution of your chosen maneuvers. Here is one of our Coach’s Eye analyses:

Your participation in the course, including feedback and videos, will be private and available only to you.

You’ll Also Get the Following Two BONUSES Free

Bonus #1: Movie Maker Webinar
We have created a webinar covering “How to Analyze Your Agility Runs with the Coach’s Eye” that is now available to the public. However, as an additional bonus for Tune-Up course participants, we have created a new webinar on using Windows Live Movie Maker. This webinar will show you how to edit your video in a quick and useful way for analysis.

We will cover:

  • trimming unwanted sections out of your video
  • adding a title page
  • adding captions to sections of your video
  • showing a section of video in slow motion
Bonus #2: Side-by-Side Video
Comparing two dogs on the same course helps identify relative strengths and weaknesses. Provide us with two videos from the same course and we will produce a side-by-side video. This works best when the videos are taken from approximately the same angle (although the same angle is not absolutely necessary).

Here is one of our side-by-side videos:

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Will you continue to release free Bad Dog Agility articles, videos, and podcasts?
A: Yes! Bad Dog Agility will continue to feature training articles, podcasts, and interviews with your favorite competitors and instructors. Bad Dog Agility Academy is a site where we can offer structured classes and personal feedback.

Q: Do I need an iPad for this course?
A: No. You can record your videos on a phone or camcorder, as well as an iPad.

Q: Do I need to have/use the Coach’s Eye in this course?
A: No. We will be using the Coach’s Eye to give you feedback, but you don’t need to have it for this course.

Q: Can I audit this course?
A: We are not offering auditing for this course.

Q: How long will I have access to the modules and my personal feedback?
A: You will have access for 4 months from the start of the course. Video analysis will be available on YouTube, and can be downloaded from there.

Q: What if my dog is not yet competing or sequencing yet?
A: The training exercises include options for all dogs, from beginners to advanced teams.

Q: Can I submit trial video instead of the practice sequences?
A: Yes! This is a great option for those who are competing, but do not have the space or equipment to set up our sequences at home. Each module has a handling focus, and our feedback will emphasize that focus (for example, execution, timing and use of front crosses).

Q: I’m not very good with computers and videos. Will you be able to help me?
A: We will provide you with detailed “how to” videos that will help you transfer videos to us. Also, our bonus webinar will show you how to use the free Windows Movie Maker software to edit videos.

Q: Who do I contact if I’m having trouble registering?
A: Email

How Much Will This Cost?

Your typical weekly agility class costs $75 per month, while a seminar costs about $200 per day. Online classes usually cost more than $200 per course. This 8 week course combines the training of a weekly class with the teaching and feedback of a seminar.

Bad Dog Agility is offering this course for $150. In addition, we are providing a monthly payment option of $80 for two months. Lastly, we are also offering a ZERO RISK:

30-Day Money Back Guarantee — No Questions Asked

If you’re not thrilled with our course, just let us know during the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund, no questions asked.

We hope you will take advantage of this unique opportunity to develop as a trainer and a competitor. Remember, registration closes on May 13th. We look forward to working with you!

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