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Before and After:
Masters Agility Championship at Westminster

  • Trying to improve your course map reading?
  • Interested in identifying and attacking key sequences on a course?
  • Wondering how we analyze a course before and after the run?

In this video series, Esteban will analyze each round of the 2018 Masters Agility Championship at Westminster before he runs it. This will give you a view into how we analyze courses before we’ve had the benefit of running (or watching other competitors). He will then analyze his own performance immediately after the run and discuss what happened.  We are also excited to be joined by Sarah Baker and Jennifer Crank, each of whom will also post an analysis of their own Westminster performance.

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How Does it Work?

As soon as the Westminster provides the course map for a round, Esteban will analyze the course, identifying traps and mapping out handling options in the Coach’s Eye—before he walks the course or watches anyone else run the course. Then, immediately after their runs, Sarah, Jennifer, and Esteban will use the Coach’s Eye and take you through the critical handling details of the run, highlighting what went wrong and what went well with an emphasis on their cues, including position, motion, and timing. Every map and run analysis will be uploaded as quickly as possible so that you can follow the event in close to real-time!

Class Format

Esteban will run golden retriever Gitchi, a 2016 and 2017 AKC Nationals Finalist and 2016 Westminster Finalist.   Sarah Baker will run border collie Hops, the 2015 and 2016 AKC 20" National Agility Champion.  Jennifer Crank will run shelties Lucky (2017 Westminster Finalist and 2017 AKC Nationals Finalist) and Swift (2017 European Open Team) and border collie P!nk (Super Win On Spot, Team USA for the World Agility Open 2018).  

The video series will include:

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    Jumpers With Weaves Course Map Analysis (Esteban)
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    Jumpers With Weaves Run Analysis - Gitchi at 20" (Esteban) 
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    Jumpers With Weaves Run Analysis - Hops at 20" (Sarah Baker) 
  • check
    Jumpers With Weaves Run Analysis - Dog TBD at 16" (Jennifer Crank) 
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    Standard Course Map Analysis (Esteban) 
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    Standard Run Analysis - Gitchi at 20" (Esteban) 
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    Standard Run Analysis - Hops at 20" (Sarah Baker) 
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    Standard Run Analysis - Dog TBD at 16" (Jennifer Crank) 
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    Finals Course Map Analysis (Esteban) 
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    Finals Run Analysis - IF APPLICABLE


This is JUST what I need (especially at the beginning of the agility season) love the detailed and technical analysis! I really struggle with knowing how to read the course and plan the run so all this information is tremendously useful.

Julia C. 

2016 Before and After Subscriber


I can’t tell you how interesting it was to hear and see your Before plan, watch you run the course incorporating in changes after having your walk through, then watching and listening to your After Analysis. This is a wonderful learning experience. I can’t wait to see more.

Claire P.
2016 Before and After Subscriber


I struggle with walking courses. I don't understand the lines, what turns to put where and I don't always see the traps.  When Esteban started drawing lines on his course map, showing where he needed to be and when, what off course obstacles to look out for and how his dog would interpret his moves, the light finally turn on in the room. I've applied what I have learned from the "Before and After" AKC videos to my handling and, honestly, what an improvement. 

Denice S.
2016 Before and After Subscriber

The Before and After is Perfect for You If:

  • You’re not sure what you should be looking at on a course map.
  • You KNOW that analyzing your run is important but you have no idea what to look for.
  • Fear and anxiety have kept you from performing your best in the ring.
  • Your visualization skills are weak or nonexistent.

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