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Nested Challenge Sequence

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  • Sue says:

    Hi Jennifer!
    When I looked at the video afterwards I realised that I didn’t need a threadle cue as he jumped so long.
    I also filmed my other dog, Isla. She is the reason I struggle with Robbie. She is my first agility dog who got all my mistakes 🙁 She shuts down easily and I can never let on if she (or more likely me) makes a mistake. I only run her in smaller competitions and even then, if the courses are too twisty at the beginning I will scratch her on the day. I thought I would put her in as I do struggle to flip between the two as they are on the opposite ends of the spectrum. These short courses have been fun for her! 🙂

    • Jennifer Crank says:

      Isla is super cute! Happy little girl!


      • Sue says:

        Hi Jennifer!
        Thank you! To clarify The verbals – in the previous exercise for a tight turn I was actually saying dig dig. The check is supposed to tell him that it’s not a blast to whatever you see but we are doing something. Maybe I can drop that as he does follow my body very well and the fact that you thought they were the same may actually mean that Robbie doesn’t differentiate between the two and is getting muddled. Isla is cute and she’s so much happier now we live in the middle of nowhere and there is no noise! 😊

        • Jennifer Crank says:

          Ahh, yes! It was “dig dig” and not “check”. I absolutely would keep the dig command. I do agree that the check can probably be phased. It sounds like it is more of a “hey, pay attention! I’m doing something” cue when in reality, attention is expected not requested. It should be his job to be watching you.

  • CarrieN says:

    I apologize that some of the videos are in lower light. We had to stop this morning because the wind kept blowing over my jumps!

      • CarrieN says:

        I want to work this again after your viewing your commentary. I didn’t like the huge arc after the blind and I see why it happened. Guess my thought was to get out of her way before she took my knees out.🤣🤣🤣 But see where I created the issue by doing the blind early.

        I do like AKC Premier courses and have started doing some USDAA , so – yes! I need to work on adding and being clear with my verbals.

        Do you have separate threadle verbals for a threadle to a wrap and a threadle slice?

        Thanks again!

        • Jennifer Crank says:

          Your question about separate verbals is an interesting one and one that has been the topic of many conversations I’ve had lately. For me, no. I do not have separate verbals for treadle curl vs threadle slice. I use “here” for both and then an arm/hand cue. Inside arm is slice and outside arm is curl. I think there is a trend that maybe we should reconsider this and have separate verbals. Justine Davenport just left my house this week and suggested having 2 separate verbals. Tamas Traj also told Jessica Patterson that it is in her best interest to have two separate verbals by the time of her tryouts event in May. (He is judging!) 😉

          • CarrieN says:

            I started an independent study course through Q-me which covers threadles and backsides. Dave does teach 2 separate threadle cues. We are still at the point where there is so much to train and we don’t see that many threadles that I kind of put it on the back burner. I can see the advantage of having two– more information and if behind (which is a good chance with me!), earlier information than body cues. Something to keep on my list of things to work!

          • Jennifer Crank says:

            Yes. I think more and more people are going to two separate verbals but I think prioritizing the need for them vs other skills is SUPER important. I also have left and right cues at the jumps so in a sticky situation where I need help telling the dog which way to go, I can always add that in. I trained with Tobia Wust this summer and he only has one command and adds a verbal if needed. I’m getting to the point where I question how many verbals can I actually successfully train and my dog learn.

      • CarrieN says:

        Woot!Woot! Had enough light to work the part with blind where I was too early. Turn was so much nicer!! No video as I hurried outside before we lost light

  • says:

    Here are the two options for Joan & Chewie. Chewie was not keen on going over jump 2 so I did a couple of different wrap options…he is happier with more movement. The “post turn” version that I tried initially just caused him to stall out in front of jump 2. He also wasn’t keen on the rear cross between 1 and 2
    :(. Thanks. Joan

    • Jennifer Crank says:

      I did you feedback before I read this text. The spin at #2 makes sense now. I still don’t think it is a good option, but I understand why you did it. I think Chewie needs a bit more verbal commitment training if when you stop he won’t go to the jump.

      • says:

        What would you suggest I do to improve his commitment? It is something I have been working on (trying anyway). I do jump sequences almost daily in my backyard hoping to make “jump” be an automatic response just like “sit” is. He has become pretty reliable in the backyard but not perfect. He gets somewhat worse at class and the practice barn. At trials, he tends to be worse, but does have good runs too. Thanks!

  • Claire says:

    Hi Jennifer
    Here is our video showing the Challenge Options.

    I had a little trouble at the end with the Option of the pull at 7 instead of the front cross after 7. Andy wanted to come over 7 and then take one of the off course jumps in the box instead of coming through the box. Would using my off side arm (threadle) be appropriate here? I know our Exercise was done at 7 but if this were a part of a course I would have had to go through the box to continue on. Andy did fine with the front cross after 7 but the pull at 7 wasn’t enough to keep him off the off course Options.

    Thank you.

  • says:

    I think I was getting tired and not handling the sequence very well.. This was a bit challenging for us!

  • Barb VE says:

    HI Jennifer,

    Once again, all 3 dogs. My version of the course had some extra features (like an off course tunnel after #6) but I’m happy that Enzo did not offer it even once!

    I ran these before your feedback from the first set, so there are some of the same errors, I think.


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