Notes: Day 49 – Bad Dog Agility Academy

Notes: Day 49

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  • says:

    COVID-19 prevented most classes from being held until recently in our state. Forrest (a singleton puppy) began his class at 12 weeks, and I was very pleased to see how social he was with other puppies (all different breeds). When he was overwhelmed, he too retreated to hiding under a plastic “form” the instructor had in the area (which looked like a viaduct). He was also good with a toddler and a child aged about 8. Hopefully, this happy puppy attitude will continue. I enjoyed reading this description of Skeptic at his puppy class as I am looking for examples of what is normal for pups that aren’t singletons.

    • Sarah Baker says:

      I am glad class went so well! I would not worry about what normal is, just look for what we desire. Soft, playful body language, taking breaks instead of escalating. Sounds like it is going great!

  • Jennifer says:

    Sarah- when you talk about Skeptic turning away from you, is he in a heel position and you are turning into him?

    • Sarah Baker says:

      No, the turning away I was talking about was during circle work. So I was stationary while he was circling an object. The part where the dog turns away from the handler is the most difficult part so I was focusing the rewards for that move.

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