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Exercise with Options

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  • Randy says:

    Submitting video of exercises 1-5. Added a jump at the start. The recordings were done outdoors on two different, windy days so please bear with some wind-blown audio.


  • Sharon says:

    Here are my attempts at exercise 4, finally. I had to send him through a tunnel first to even have a chance at getting ahead of him to try the blind and front cross between #2 and #3. I’m not sure what I did that caused him to drop the bar on one of his attempts. It took a while to get all of these. He wouldn’t work long enough on any one day to try them all. He either gets bored or gets discouraged if he gets it wrong (very sensitive). Some days he worked for food, some days he wanted his toy. He keeps me guessing.

  • beardie1234 says:

    Getting the BC and FC were challenging for me but I managed, just, even with a pretty good head start. Initially, Truman was sure #3 was a backside and I am not quite sure why…didn’t have that problem with Dazzle. The challenge sequence was fun!



  • Denice says:

    Dixie went first- there was still natural light so that was better for her: https://youtu.be/GyVfFuHBjUc
    Jocu: https://youtu.be/ZtXY5qWvPh8
    Destin: https://youtu.be/dPz3KO5NRBM

  • Hdickin580 says:

    Worked on these drills this evening. Thanks for any feedback! https://youtu.be/p4YajveFDOg

  • MBJ says:

    I wish I had a side-by-side of my 4″ dog doing the wrap to the left or the right. I’ve done it successfully both ways in trials, and it felt smoother to do the wrap as a slice to the left, but since he can turn so rapidly it felt like the slice made him go a MUCH farther distance. Have you also tried it with a small dog? This type of wrap was in the 2019 Nationals Premier round as I recall, and the great 4″ handlers did it both ways, so no help there for me. Thank you

  • katy.mallory@yahoo.com says:

    Here’s our homework. Thanks!


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