How to Develop a Confident, Social Puppy Who Loves to Learn and Play

(without feeling overwhelmed and directionless)

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    watch your puppy blossom into a great agility dog
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    create a special bond with your puppy
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    raise a dog that you can live with

My name is Sarah Baker and I'm a 4-time American Kennel Club National Agility Champion, former guide dog trainer, and expert puppy raiser.

Puppies who have a strong foundation tend to compete sooner, and at a higher level.

According to an American Kennel Club survey of 750 dog agility competitors at the 2018 National Agility Championship, "...58 percent of respondents say they trained a year or less before competing." How is this possible? 

In today's agility game, many handlers are overly focused on skill development and unintentionally create dogs that can't properly function in the stressful environment of an agility trial.

Naturally, as soon as the dog has learned the obstacles and enough crosses to navigate a basic course, the handler enters a trial. What happens?

Behaviors like contacts, weaves, and start lines break down under the stress of the trial environment.

Trainers are more skilled then ever at teaching obstacle performance and handling, so most agility classes neglect everything else a dog needs to succeed on course: confidence and focus in different environments, impulse control, body awareness, and a strong recall. Dogs are expected to "pick up" these skills during agility, without formal training.

Top Trainers Prevent Problems
Before They Happen

If you want to have a dog who wants to work and play with you, who can focus in any environment, or even if you just want to have a dog you enjoy spending time with, you must give them a strong foundation.

Join Sarah Baker's


While raising her latest puppy Skeptic, Sarah Baker took careful notes and recorded hours of video to create a blueprint for surviving puppyhood and giving your dog the best possible foundation for dog agility and life.

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    Daily Notes: It's easy to expect too much from our puppies. Sarah shares both the successes and failures during her training. Reading through her notes will help you manage your own expectations with your puppy.
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    Powerful Video: 38 indexed videos that show actual training, demonstrations, and explanations–without editing out mistakes. 6.5 total hours of video conveniently arranged by topic.
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    Printable PDFs: Download or print the weekly summaries and homework lists to help you stay on track with your new puppy.
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    Personal Feedback (optional): Feeling stuck? Sign up for the personal feedback option and submit video to Sarah for guidance.

What Your Puppy Will Learn

Through this course, you will teach your puppy to:

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    have confidence in you and the world
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    focus on training with you in distracting environments
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    come to you when called
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    become comfortable with “shaping” behaviors
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    play with you everywhere
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    develop impulse control
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    build equal value for food, toys, agility equipment, and you
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    be loose around the house and yard without being destructive
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    calmly accept body handling from you and others (husbandry)
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    start flatwork for agility handling
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    begin basic training with wing wraps, a low table, the tunnel, the “bang” game, and a plank
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    become fluent with a variety of verbal cues
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    find confidence in being crated and left alone
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    discover body awareness
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    start developing a strong core
Sarah Baker

Creator of Agility Foundation

for Puppies and Young Dogs

About Your Instructor

Sarah started her dog training career as a guide dog trainer, raising and training 6 guide dog puppies and 7 other service dog puppies.  In 2008, she began training her own dogs in agility and in 2015 won her first AKC National Agility Championship with her border collie Hops. That same year, she also won the Preferred National Agility Championship with Labrador Retriever Rice.  Sarah went on to win the NAC title again with Hops in 2016 and 2019.

Sarah's newest addition is Skeptic, a working cocker spaniel whose training forms the bulk of this online course.  Skeptic is currently preparing for his first big event—Team USA tryouts for the FCI Agility World Championship.

Agility Foundation for Puppies and Young Dogs

You get a user-friendly, chronologically structured online course with 38 videos (6 hours and 30 minutes), as well as printable summaries and homework sheets that will walk you step-by-step through Sarah Baker's entire puppy raising process from start to finish. You get all the insiders-only instruction on how to create a confident agility dog who loves to work. You get the blueprint that top trainers today are using for their own puppies!

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What People Are Saying About Sarah

“she loves the dog training as much as the handling”

“One of the things that I think sets Sarah apart as a trainer is the wide variety of dogs she has worked with. She has trained and handled a big Labrador to a PNAC. She has worked with rehab dogs. And of course there is Hops. Her background in training service dogs means that she loves the dog training as much as the handling, and has creative approaches to learning."

Rebecca S.

“My girl is by far the most socialized, training-savvy puppy I've raised..."

“I've had my new puppy for 1 week and started on Sarah's puppy course on the first day. My girl is by far the most socialized, training-savvy puppy I've raised. The strong bond we already have is based on our interactions rather than her cuteness. Seeing entire sessions of Sarah working Skeptic has helped me model my own training and set realistic expectations for me–very helpful!"

Esteban F.

More About This Course

The course is organized into 17 Modules with Daily Notes, Videos, Summaries, and Homework. The organized structure of lets you jump in with any puppy or dog at any age or skill level. You can also mark each unit as "completed" to track your progress. There is also an index of videos so you can quickly find something you've already watched, but can't remember exactly where.

Our Puppy Course

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LIVE Q&A Sessions with Sarah Baker

Every other month, Sarah will hold a live Q&A for all course participants. Submit your questions to get guidance on your foundation training.  This Q&A session will be available to all participants whether or not they registered for the "personal feedback" option.  However, if you prefer to have access to Sarah in between these session and have the ability to submit video, then you should register for "personal feedback".  These sessions will be recorded and replays will be added to the course materials.

Join Agility Foundation for Puppies and Young Dogs Today and Get Instant Access To:

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    Sarah's daily training journal.
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    Video demonstrations including progressions and mistakes.  Time stamps by topic included.
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    Downloadable summaries of key points.
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    ​Downloadable homework sheets.
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    ​​Video Index. An easy to reference list of all videos included in the course.
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    16 training tips you need to raise a great agility puppy.
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    ​​Optional support and feedback tailored for you and your puppy.

Optional Personal Feedback

Regular Option: You may ask clarifying questions about class material (what did you mean by...) but not specific questions about your dog's training (my dog is doing this, what do I do next?) and you may not post videos for feedback.

Personal Feedback Option (limit 20 participants): You may ask any question related to class material or your dog's training of class material. You may post videos of your training sessions for Sarah to give feedback on. 

You will have access to all materials for 1 year.

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100% Money Back Guarantee

If you're not thrilled with this course, just let us know during the first 7 days and we'll send you a prompt refund, no questions asked.

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