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The 2023 Agility World Championship Experience

  • Follow five elite competitors who will share their approach to all four runs with you.
  • Watch the action with special behind-the-scenes analyses and interviews from the event.
  • Learn from each handler's successes and mistakes.

The FCI Agility World Championship has a powerful influence on our sport. Each year, as soon as it ends, instructors and competitors around the world set up courses from the event and run them in their yards and practice fields. Judges take elements from the course designs and incorporate them into their own. 

In this video series, you will get an in-depth look at all four runs at the 2023 FCI Agility World Championship from a medal contender in each of the four height classes: small, medium, intermediate and large.

How Does it Work?

Immediately after their runs, Tobias Wüst, Jennifer Crank, Sarah Baker, Euan Paterson and Jessica Ajoux will use OnForm (a tool that let's you draw on video with voice over) and take you through the critical handling details of the run, highlighting what went wrong and what went well with an emphasis on their cues, including position, motion, and timing. Every run analysis will be uploaded as quickly as possible so that you can follow the event in close to real-time! You will hear directly from 5 elite competitors and know exactly what they were thinking and how they evaluate their own performance.

Meet the Athletes

Tobias Wüst (Small Dog)

Tobias won Individual Silver in 2018 and Individual Gold in 2019 for small dogs with his Sheltie Dörte. He also won gold in 2017, crushing the field by over 2 seconds. Just three months ago, Tobias and Dörte took 3rd at the European Open showing that she's still got what it takes to compete! (The AWC Experience participants got to follow along in on the path to medals in both 2018 and 2019!)

Unbelievably, he was also the FCI World Champion for small dogs with his Sheltie Peanut in 2016. Tobias and Peanut also won the European Open in 2013 and 2014.

Tobias Wüst and Dörte's 1st place run in Individual Agility at the 2018 AWC

Jennifer Crank (Medium Dog)

This will be sheltie Bee's first appearance at the AWC. Jennifer has competed at the AWC many years with many dogs and is the only American handler to capture an overall individual medal three times at this event. Her most recent medal was in 2018 when AWC Experience participants followed along as Bee's sire Swift earned the overall individual silver medal. In 2006, Jennifer captured the overall individual silver medal at the FCI Agility World Championship in Switzerland with her Sheltie Guess. She followed that up with the overall individual bronze the following year in Norway.

At the 2023 European Open, Bee won gold in the Individual Agility round and silver in the Team Jumping round putting the world on notice that she's got the speed to win it all!

Jennifer Crank and Bee placing 1st in Individual Agility Medium at the 2023 European Open

Sarah Baker (Medium Dog)

Sarah Baker is competing with working cocker Skeptic, this will be Skeptic's first AWC. Skeptic has represented Team USA at the European Open and the World Agility Open and won their spot on the USA AWC Team with two 2nds and a 3rd for the highest combined score at team tryouts. Sarah has competed at AWC previously with border collie Hops.

Sarah Baker and Skeptic's 2nd Place Run at USA World Team Tryouts

Euan Paterson (Intermediate Dog)

Euan Paterson and his border collie Crazee have been taking the new Intermediate height class by storm. In 2022 they won the Crufts International Agility in the large dog height class. They also won the Crufts International Agility in 2020 as well as the Crusts Championship in that same year. In 2023 they won the WAO Biathlon Champions in the 500 class. And just a few months ago they placed 2nd in Intermediate Individual Jumping at the European Open and placed 3rd in the finals.

Euan Paterson and Crazee at the 2023 European Open

Jessica Ajoux (Large Dog)

Jessica Ajoux is competing with border collie Hallelujah (Lu). This is their second AWC. They have also represented USA at the European Open and the World Agility Open. In 2022, Lu won gold in games at WAO and won the WAO Biathlon Jumping class. Just a few months ago, Lu took gold in Jumping at the European Open. Jessica is also a One Mind Dogs (OMD) coach.

Jessica Ajoux and Hallelujah win Large Jumping at the 2023 European Open

Event Begins in:


Class Format

Germany's Tobias Wüst will run Sheltie Dörte in the small dog class.  Tobias and Dörte captured gold in 2017 and silver in 2018. They were the 2019 European Open champion and will be looking to add another win. USA's Jennifer Crank will run Sheltie Bee in the medium class.  Jennifer has attended the FCI Agility World Championships 7 times with 5 different dogs and has won more individual medals than any other American handler, most recently a silver with Swift in 2018. Bee is a Swift daughter and is coming off of an impressive EO performance where she won gold in Individual Agility. USA's Sarah Baker will run working cocker Skeptic in the medium class.  This is Skeptic's first agility world championship. UK's Euan Paterson will run border collie Crazee in the new intermediate class. They're coming off of an impressive EO where they placed second in individual jumping and 3rd in the finals. USA's Jessica Ajoux will run border collie Hallelujah (Lu) in the large dog class.  Just a few months ago, Hallelujah placed 1st in Jumping at the European Open.  

Note that all analyses will be done in English.

The video series will include:

  • Small Team Jumping - Dörte (Tobias Wüst)
  • Medium Team Jumping - Bee (Jennifer Crank)
  • Medium Team Jumping - Skeptic (Sarah Baker)
  • Large Team Jumping - Hallelujah (Jessica Ajoux)
  • Intermediate Individual Jumping - Crazee (Euan Paterson)
  • Small Team Agility - Dörte (Tobias Wüst)
  • Intermediate Team Jumping  - Crazee (Euan Paterson)
  • Small Individual Jumping  - Dörte (Tobias Wüst)
  • Large Team Agility - Hallelujah (Jessica Ajoux)
  • Medium Team Agility - Bee (Jennifer Crank)
  • Medium Team Agility - Skeptic (Sarah Baker)
  • Large Individual Jumping - Hallelujah (Jessica Ajoux)
  • Medium Individual Jumping - Bee (Jennifer Crank)
  • Medium Individual Jumping - Skeptic (Sarah Baker)
  • Intermediate Team Agility - Crazee (Euan Paterson)
  • Small Individual Agility - Dörte (Tobias Wüst)
  • Medium Individual Agility - Bee (Jennifer Crank)
  • Medium Individual Agility - Skeptic (Sarah Baker)
  • Intermediate Individual Agility - Crazee (Euan Paterson)
  • Large Individual Agility - Hallelujah (Jessica Ajoux)

Special Event Facebook Group

We have created a closed Facebook group for participants in the video series. This Facebook group is a great way to keep up with the event in real time.

You do NOT need to join this Facebook group to participate in this course.  All videos will be posted on the Bad Dog Agility Academy website.

Event Begins at 1:30pm on Wednesday, October 4th, 2023.


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