Technology for Agility
(step-by-step instructions for non-technical agility handlers)

Everything you need to quickly:

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    Video tape your trial runs, and practice sessions, including recommendations for taping alone.
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    Edit your video in as little time as possible.
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    Analyze your video with the Coach's Eye.
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    Share Video with instructors/training partners.

Do you need to master technology to improve your Dog Agility?

Technology has worked it's way into every field of study, every career path, every hobby, and every sport. Dog agility is no exception. While technology may not be required to train your dog, or compete with your dog, technology can rapidly increase your rate of improvement in the sport.

Videoing and reviewing your trial runs and practice is one of the single best sources of information on what is working and what is not in your handling. If you are not learning from your own successes and failures on course, you are holding yourself back.

Beyond self review, dog agility handlers now have access to instructors from all over the world through online courses. Being able to quickly tape, edit, and share your video is critical to getting the most out of any online class you take.

“This set of modules is perfect for a person who is not a tech person and has simple instructions to video your agility."  - Rose

As online instructors, we often run into students who are not very comfortable with the technology aspects of videoing, editing, and sharing. We put this course together to give any agility handler the tools to tape, edit, share and review their own video. 

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​Video, Edit, and Share​

Learn how to quickly and easily video, edit, and share all from your iPhone or iPad. 

​Only What You Need

This course will not cover every possible feature.  You will NOT learn how to add music to your runs. You WILL learn how to combine clips and add labels. 

​Self Analysis Module

Learn how to use the Coach's Eye (an iOS app) to review your runs or the runs of others.

"This is a great course and I’m so glad someone thought to do it. It is spot on."

"For years I have been videoing runs and using iMovie to edit and save but it’s been awkward and hard and I basically just clicked on a bunch of stuff to ram my way through it. With the technology course, I now know how to save my video so I can find it again, quickly edit it in iMovie, play with it in coach’s eye, upload, and just about anything else. It is a smooth efficient process which will make me much more likely to take advantage of reviewing video to improve our performance. This is a great course and I’m so glad someone thought to do it. It is spot on."

- Nancy P.


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"Massive time saver."

"My biggest technology problem was feeling cluttered with multiple devices - take a video on my camera, upload to my computer, edit on my computer, share to dropbox, open on phone..... it just took hours! Now I know how to do everything on one device - and save loads of time.

This course helped me spend more time training my dogs, and less time editing videos of me training my dogs. Massive time saver."

- Bronwyn


"Technology can be confusing!"

"Technology can be confusing! This step by step toolbox will help you get to the point where you can easily evaluate your runs (and the runs of handlers you admire!)"

- Kim


"​very clear instructions"

"The single best tutorial on using iMovie for editing dog training videos -- very clear instructions and no extra information about features not relevant. Made a program I had previously been intimidated to use seem easy (and it was!)"

- Abby

Join Technology for Agility and Learn How To...

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    Video your runs easily
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    Edit video quickly
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    Share video with others
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    Analyze your video

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