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Hi, we’re Sarah and Esteban, the co-creators of Bad Dog Agility and we want to help you build the relationship and achieve the performance you want with your dog in the great sport of agility!

We created the Academy to help people like you get better at dog agility.


Today was my first day doing AKC in months AND the first time going to a trial after starting the Invitational Course. I was completely happy with the day. I felt so much better analyzing courses and making handling decisions. Our JWW run was fast and gorgeous. It was full of boxes and I felt like I could make good handling choices to get through the boxes. I just want to let you know how much your course is doing for us already. Thank you!

Carrie B

a bargain at any price

I don't think I've utilized more that 40% of what is offered and yet I still feel like being a VIP is a great deal. BDA VIP is a bargain at any price, especially if you train alone.

Jeri - Vip Member

you inspire me

BDA has been such an incredible source of information, training tips, and support. I have listened to every single podcast (multiple times), and adore the live segments. You inspire me and make me feel that I can be a better handler and trainer. I once remember you saying something like I would always have you two there for me, and it is has been true. Thank you for everything that you do.

Crystal - VIP Member

My favorite feature of being a VIP member include the monthly short sequences and the video demos of real dogs running them using different handling moves. The clarity of seeing the options really helps me want to try each variation on my own instead staying within my comfort zone. Thank you for pushing me and helping me grow my skills!

Darcy - VIP Member

entering first trial

I have never competed in agility, but I am entering my first trial this summer and that is in large part due to the information and what I have learned from the folks at Bad Dog Agility VIP. Thank you!!

Michelle - VIP Member

Five Stars…2 Thumbs up. Whatever rating scale you choose, Bad Dog Agility is the best you can ask for at very low cost. Sarah and Esteban Fernandezlopez give you everything you need and those other things you didn’t know you were missing. I joined their VIP program and simply love it. It provides exceptional breadth and depth for the agility enthusiast. In my opinion Sarah and Esteban offer the best array of programs I have ever encountered.

Chris C. - VIP Member

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