Complete Guide to Tugging – Bad Dog Agility Academy

Complete Guide to Tugging

Feb 2020
Module 1 Introduction to the Course
Lesson 1 Course Information
Lesson 2 Changing Your Password
Lesson 3 Asking Questions/Getting Feedback
Lesson 4 How to Use This Course
Module 2 Introduction to Tugging
Lesson 1 Why do I tug with my dog?
Lesson 2 The Most Important Thing
Lesson 3 Tugging Demonstration
Lesson 4 Choosing a Tug Toy
Lesson 5 What About Food Toys?
Lesson 6 At What Age Should You Start Tug Training?
Lesson 7 Teething and Tugging
Lesson 8 Tugging and Other Dog Sports
Module 3 The Chase
Lesson 1 How to Entice Your Dog to Chase the Toy
Lesson 2 Demonstration of Good Chasing
Lesson 3 Restrained Recall to Toy on a Line (Beginner)
Lesson 4 Restrained Recall to Toy in Hand (Advanced)
Module 4 The Bite
Lesson 1 How to Present Toys and Avoid Getting Bitten
Lesson 2 How to Tug with Toys on a Line
Lesson 3 How to Tug with Medium Length Fleece Toys
Lesson 4 How to Tug with Dog on Leash
Lesson 5 How to Present the Hol-ee Roller
Lesson 6 How to Avoid Further Injury if Your Dog Accidentally Bites You
Module 5 The Fight
Lesson 1 Watch for the Weight Shift
Lesson 2 Protect Your Back
Lesson 3 Additional Resource: How to Lift Heavy Weight Safely
Lesson 4 Protect Your Neck
Lesson 5 Tugging With a Toy While on a Leash
Module 6 The Release
Lesson 1 When to Add the Release
Lesson 2 How to Get the Toy Back Before You Add a Release Cue
Lesson 3 Teaching the Release
Lesson 4 Building Duration into the Release
Module 7 The Retrieve
Lesson 1 Demonstration of the Retrieve
Lesson 2 Try This Quick Fix First
Lesson 3 How to Mark When Teaching the Retrieve
Lesson 4 Example of Traditional Retrieve Training
Lesson 5 Case Study: Problem Golden Retriever
Lesson 6 Case Study: Using Opposition Reflex
Lesson 7 Case Study: Success with the Dog
Lesson 8 Case Study: Transitioning to Thrown Toy
Lesson 9 Case Study: Adding an Obstacle to the Retrieve
Lesson 10 Retrieve to Hand or Drop at Feet
Lesson 11 Transitioning to a "Dead" Toy
Lesson 12 Ellie's First Retrieve
Lesson 13 Retrieving with the Holee Roller
Module 8 Tugging and Retrieve Games
Lesson 1 Games Introduction
Lesson 2 Enticement
Lesson 3 Front Wheel Drive
Lesson 4 Muzzle Grab (Improving Grip)
Lesson 5 Mommy (or Daddy) Jungle Gym
Lesson 6 You're So Strong
Lesson 7 Push-Pull
Lesson 8 Multi Toy Game
Module 9 Using Food to Teach Tugging
Lesson 1 Dinner Bowl Protocol for Food-Only Dogs
Lesson 2 Tugging as a Trick
Lesson 3 Tugging as Part of a Behavior Chain
Module 10 Special Topics
Lesson 1 Tugging with sensitive dogs
Lesson 2 Transitioning from Fun Toys to Functional Toys (or Leash Tugging)
Lesson 3 Establishing a default behavior (eye contact)
Lesson 4 Tugging for Competition
Lesson 5 Tugging for Training
Lesson 6 Should I Hide the Toy?
Lesson 7 How to Transport Your Dog Between Sequences
Lesson 8 Adding distractions
Lesson 9 If Your Dog Tugs at Home But Not at Trials
Lesson 10 How to Tug in Small Spaces at Trials
Lesson 11 Use Your Voice: Praise vs Mark on Long Line
Module 11 Q & A Sessions
Lesson 1 May 2020 Q & A
Lesson 2 July 2020 Q&A
Lesson 3 October 2020 Q&A
Lesson 4 February 2021 Q&A
Module 12 Resources and Feedback
Lesson 1 Make a Suggestion
Lesson 2 Testimonial