Complete Guide to Tugging – Bad Dog Agility Academy

Complete Guide to Tugging

Feb 2020
Module 1 Introduction to the Course
Lesson 1 Course Information
Lesson 2 Changing Your Password
Lesson 3 Asking Questions/Getting Feedback
Lesson 4 How to Use This Course
Module 2 Introduction to Tugging
Lesson 1 Why do I tug with my dog?
Lesson 2 The Most Important Thing
Lesson 3 Tugging Demonstration
Lesson 4 Choosing a Tug Toy
Lesson 5 What About Food Toys?
Lesson 6 At What Age Should You Start Tug Training?
Lesson 7 Teething and Tugging
Lesson 8 Tugging and Other Dog Sports
Module 3 The Chase
Lesson 1 How to Entice Your Dog to Chase the Toy
Lesson 2 Demonstration of Good Chasing
Lesson 3 Restrained Recall to Toy on a Line (Beginner)
Lesson 4 Restrained Recall to Toy in Hand (Advanced)
Module 4 The Bite
Lesson 1 How to Present Toys and Avoid Getting Bitten
Lesson 2 How to Tug with Toys on a Line
Lesson 3 How to Tug with Medium Length Fleece Toys
Lesson 4 How to Tug with Dog on Leash
Lesson 5 How to Present the Hol-ee Roller
Lesson 6 How to Avoid Further Injury if Your Dog Accidentally Bites You
Module 5 The Fight
Lesson 1 Watch for the Weight Shift
Lesson 2 Protect Your Back
Lesson 3 Additional Resource: How to Lift Heavy Weight Safely
Lesson 4 Protect Your Neck
Lesson 5 Tugging With a Toy While on a Leash
Module 6 The Release
Lesson 1 When to Add the Release
Lesson 2 How to Get the Toy Back Before You Add a Release Cue
Lesson 3 Teaching the Release
Lesson 4 Building Duration into the Release
Module 7 The Retrieve
Lesson 1 Demonstration of the Retrieve
Lesson 2 Try This Quick Fix First
Lesson 3 How to Mark When Teaching the Retrieve
Lesson 4 Example of Traditional Retrieve Training
Lesson 5 Case Study: Problem Golden Retriever
Lesson 6 Case Study: Using Opposition Reflex
Lesson 7 Case Study: Success with the Dog
Lesson 8 Case Study: Transitioning to Thrown Toy
Lesson 9 Case Study: Adding an Obstacle to the Retrieve
Lesson 10 Retrieve to Hand or Drop at Feet
Lesson 11 Transitioning to a "Dead" Toy
Lesson 12 Ellie's First Retrieve
Lesson 13 Retrieving with the Holee Roller
Module 8 Tugging and Retrieve Games
Lesson 1 Games Introduction
Lesson 2 Enticement
Lesson 3 Front Wheel Drive
Lesson 4 Muzzle Grab (Improving Grip)
Lesson 5 Mommy (or Daddy) Jungle Gym
Lesson 6 You're So Strong
Lesson 7 Push-Pull
Lesson 8 Multi Toy Game
Module 9 Using Food to Teach Tugging
Lesson 1 Dinner Bowl Protocol for Food-Only Dogs
Lesson 2 Tugging as a Trick
Lesson 3 Tugging as Part of a Behavior Chain
Module 10 Special Topics
Lesson 1 Tugging with sensitive dogs
Lesson 2 Transitioning from Fun Toys to Functional Toys (or Leash Tugging)
Lesson 3 Leash Tugging Demo with a Small Dog
Lesson 4 Establishing a default behavior (eye contact)
Lesson 5 Tugging for Competition
Lesson 6 Tugging for Training
Lesson 7 Should I Hide the Toy?
Lesson 8 How to Transport Your Dog Between Sequences
Lesson 9 Adding distractions
Lesson 10 If Your Dog Tugs at Home But Not at Trials
Lesson 11 Tugging on Both Sides of the Ring Gate
Lesson 12 How to Tug in Small Spaces at Trials
Lesson 13 Use Your Voice: Praise vs Mark on Long Line
Lesson 14 Distractions and Toy Selection in New Locations
Lesson 15 Helping Your Novice Dog with Your Veteran Dog
Module 11 Q & A Sessions
Lesson 1 May 2020 Q & A
Lesson 2 July 2020 Q&A
Lesson 3 October 2020 Q&A
Lesson 4 February 2021 Q&A
Lesson 5 April 2021 Q&A
Module 12 Resources and Feedback
Lesson 1 Make a Suggestion
Lesson 2 Testimonial