Technology for Agility – Bad Dog Agility Academy

Technology for Agility

Jun 2019
Module 1 Overview
Lesson 1 Technology Covered in this Course  - Preview
Lesson 2 Sarah's Workflow  - Preview
Module 2 Video Taping
Lesson 1 Choosing Your Taping Device
Lesson 2 Tripod and Holder Recommendations
Module 3 Editing Video
Lesson 1 Where Should You Edit?
Lesson 2 Simple Editing from the Camera Roll (iOS)
Lesson 3 Editing with iMovie for iOS
Lesson 4 Windows Options
Module 4 Self Analysis with the Coach's Eye
Lesson 1 Introduction to the Coach's Eye
Lesson 2 Getting the Coach's Eye App
Lesson 3 Purchasing the Timer Tool
Lesson 4 WARNING: Do not TAPE using the Coach's Eye
Lesson 5 Getting Video into Coach's Eye
Lesson 6 Analyzing Video
Lesson 7 Timer Tool
Lesson 8 Side by Side Comparisons
Lesson 9 Exporting Taped Analyses
Module 5 Sharing Video
Lesson 1 Sharing Between iOS Devices (AirDrop)
Lesson 2 Saving Video From Facebook Messenger
Lesson 3 Sharing with YouTube
Lesson 4 Sharing with Dropbox
Lesson 5 Sharing with iCloud
Lesson 6 Sharing with Coach's Eye
Lesson 7 Sharing from iMovie
Module 6 Getting Help
Lesson 1 Are You STUCK or CONFUSED?
Module 7 Feedback
Lesson 1 Make a Suggestion
Lesson 2 Testimonial