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VIP Menu Bar

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  • Lynne Bockelman says:

    Since there were changes made to reorganize the red VIP Menu bar, this section may need to be updated to show where to find the savings discounts? Thanks!

  • Barbara Lewis says:

    Oops again. Print way to small even when try to enlarge so must rely on sound.

    • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

      I’m going to redo these videos, but in the meantime, have you been looking around the site? Have you been finding the VIP materials you’re interested in?

    • Lynne Bockelman says:

      Did you try clicking the “full screen” icon at the bottom right corner of the video box? Makes it much bigger and easier to read. When the video ends, remember to hit the ESC button on your keyboard to exit full screen mode.

  • Tom Harvey says:

    I’m on my iPhone and I’m not seeing any videos. I have refreshed the page, but still no videos.

  • Tom Harvey says:

    No content except for the title.

  • says:

    Ok waiting for menu bar

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