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The VIP Pledge

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  • Barb VE says:

    Agree — yes. Uphold — harder. It was easy until Casper. 😉

  • Sharon says:

    Hello. My dog, Toby, hurt himself last week and I can’t run him for a couple more weeks. He should get over it, but for now I’m not supposed to let him run too much. So I will post videos of some of our runs at previous trials for feedback.

    I have taken some of your other courses including a small space courses. I have really appreciated the quality of your feedback. My problem is that my small space is smaller than your small space dimensions, so I usually have the stuff a little closer than the maps. I hope that’s OK, since Toby is small. Also, my main problem is that Toby will not run full speed in the yard, so it makes getting good timing for my cues very hard to practice. Sometimes he won’t run at all. It has been hard to get him started.

    I’ve been considering his trials as handling practice, and am improving a little by watching my trial videos and trying to figure out what I did right or wrong with body language and cues.

    My other main problem is consistency with my cues. I don’t know what cues to use or when to use them. Toby is trying to teach me, but sometimes I’m a slow learner.

    I’m hoping by joining the VIP program, I will be able to learn what body language to use and when, and decide what verbal cues to use and become more consistent with them so I don’t confuse Toby. He really seems to like trialing. He’s a wonderful little dog.

    • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

      Hi Sharon!

      For the small space, you can compress the spacing slighly with a small dog (how small?). And very often you can chop out the first or last jump and fit the “main” part of the sequence. You are more than welcome to email and ask for modifications.

      Letting us guide you through your trial review will be a great way to validate your handling. You don’t know what you don’t know! So anytime you’re unsure or things didn’t go right, just ask us!

      We also spend a lot of time in all our videos talking about theory. WHY a particular handling works or doesn’t work. So watching these videos, even if you don’t set up the sequence, will help you learn what cues to use and when!

  • says:

    I did belong to another paid online Agility group. But found the sheer volume of information that builds on each month to be overwhelming. I’m hoping this will be more personalized and easier to manage.
    This is my first competitive agility dog. We are doing pretty well but I sometimes feel like I fail him as a handler. He is amazingly fast and gives every run 1000 percent but we lack consistency and it holds us back. I sometimes feel like I’m plugging holes in a leaky boat… Fix one thing and another pops up! I need help figuring out how to balance my training best.

    • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

      Welcome Andrea!
      I would start by submitting video from a trial so we can see generally how you guys perform together. And if you have space and time, start by setting up the small space twice per month. Some consistent practice will help build the teamwork you need. Don’t worry about failing him. He doesn’t care about ribbons on Q’s. Just focus on being the best handler you can be and constant, small improvements!

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