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Top Agility Competitors Show You How to Pick the Right Handling Moves

This was so much fun! I liked being able to make my plan and then compare it to the handlers’ choices. It also helped me watch the televised program with a more critical eye. The timing was perfect since we were snowed in here in Michigan! –Karyn K.

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What Will This Course Help You Do?

  • Quickly Improve Your Understanding Of Handling
  • Escape The Anxiety Of Not Knowing What To Do
  • Effortlessly Analyze Your Own Performances On Videos
  • Follow The Exciting Agility Action At Westminster

Esteban Fernandezlopez will run golden retriever Gitchi, a 2016, 2017, and 2018 AKC Nationals Finalist and 2016 Westminster Finalist. Jennifer Crank will run sheltie Swift (2018 FCI Agility World Championship Silver Medalist) and border collie P!nk (2018 Westminster Winner, 2018 AKC Nationals Winner, 2018 Steeplechase Winner).

Jennifer and Esteban will analyze both preliminary rounds of the 2019 Masters Agility Championship at Westminster before they run it. As soon as they finish their runs, they will immediately analyze them in the Coach's Eye, using slow motion, zoom, and other tools to show you exactly what happened with an emphasis on their cues, including position, motion, and timing.

In this course, you will be able to ask Jennifer and Esteban questions!

Did you know? Last year, Westminster moved the Finals broadcast from Fox Sports 1 to Fox, resulting in a huge increase in viewership of 369% with 1.46 million viewers for the Sunday airing, making it one of the most-watched sporting events in 2018.

Can't Follow the Event LIVE?

Don't worry–you have lifetime access to the videos and 6 months to ask questions.

Class Format

Every map and run analysis will be uploaded as quickly as possible so that you can follow the event in close to real-time!  

The video series will include:

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    Jumpers With Weaves Course Map Analysis (Esteban Fernandezlopez)
  • Jumpers With Weaves Course Map Analysis (Jennifer Crank)
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    Jumpers With Weaves Run Analysis - Gitchi at 20" (Esteban) 
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    Jumpers With Weaves Run Analysis - P!nk at 20" (Jennifer) 
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    Jumpers With Weaves Run Analysis - Swift at 16" (Jennifer) 
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    Standard Course Map Analysis (Esteban) 
  • Standard Course Map Analysis (Jennifer) 
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    Standard Run Analysis - Gitchi at 20" (Esteban) 
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    Standard Run Analysis - P!nk at 16" (Jennifer) 
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    Standard Run Analysis - Swift at 16" (Jennifer) 
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    Finals Course Map Analysis (Esteban) 
  • Finals Course Map Analysis (Jennifer) 
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    Finals Run Analysis - IF APPLICABLE


I found it very interesting that very experienced agility handlers sometimes differed on how they would execute a particular obstacle. I liked the fact they explained the reason why they made their decision. I never would have thought of handling the tunnel in the first run the way Jennifer Crank handled it, by doing a rear cross immediately before the tunnel. I thought that decision was very clever.

Tom M.

2018 Westminster Before and After


This is a great way to see all of the maps and runs as well as the analysis of the courses that are run on Saturday. Westminster only airs the finals on TV but with this series you get a glimpse of the preliminary courses too. Well worth the money.

Vicki B.
2018 Westminster Before and After


This is an excellent and fun learning opportunity. I was impressed by how candid and forthcoming Esteban and the others were, and especially pleased by the quick and thoughtful responses to my comments and questions.

Lani P.
2018 Westminster Before and After

"The Before and After will help you make better handling decisions, analyze your own runs, and follow the action at Westminster up close...see you there!"

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If you’re not thrilled with our course, just let us know during the first 7 days and we will give you a full refund, no questions asked.

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