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Hi, we’re Sarah and Esteban, the co-creators of Bad Dog Agility and we want to help you build the relationship and achieve the performance you want with your dog in the great sport of agility!


We created the Academy to help people like you get better at dog agility. As a VIP, you’ll learn how to perform agility maneuvers and learn when to use them. You’ll also learn when to apply them on course and how to analyze course maps. Most importantly, you will have direct access to us for help with your toughest training issues and handling questions.


Unfortunately, the Academy is currently CLOSED to newcomers. Not to worry—every July 1st, the Bad Dog Agility Academy opens its doors for new VIP members! In the meantime, look through all of the free content on our site, listen to our podcasts, and let us know if you’re having a training issue you need help with by emailing us.


Five Stars…2 Thumbs up. Whatever rating scale you choose, Bad Dog Agility is the best you can ask for at very low cost. Sarah and Esteban Fernandezlopez give you everything you need and those other things you didn’t know you were missing. I joined their VIP program and simply love it. It provides exceptional breadth and depth for the agility enthusiast. In my opinion Sarah and Esteban offer the best array of programs I have ever encountered.
Chris C. – VIP Member


I especially like the training exercises and your discussion of lines, deceleration and cueing. I used much of that info in the classes that I teach as well as improving my own handling. Your classes are just the right mixture of training the dog and training the handler for me.
Linda S. – VIP Member


October: AKC Agility Invitational Prep Course

Fortunately, in just a few weeks in October, we will open our annual AKC Agility Invitational Prep Course, designed for you and your dog to excel at the 2016 AKC Agility Invitational by breaking down the actual courses from last year’s event and creating practice exercises based on challenging sequences from those courses.


Not attending this event? That’s okay, because this prep course will help any team learn and improve at agility for a very low price. We will demonstrate sequences on video and answer your questions, making this prep course a great starting point for someone who wants to work with us at the Academy but aren’t sure they’re ready for the VIP treatment. Here’s what Barb S. had to say about the Invitational Prep Course, right before she went out and won the 24” championship at the event!


I learned a lot from the insightful analysis of the courses and exercises. Then it was fun to set up the sequences and try them with my dog! I feel ready for the invitational.
Barb S. – 2014 AKC Agility Invitational Prep Course Student and 2014 24″ Invitational Champion


I wanted to let you know that I think this course really helped me prepare and be successful at the AKC Agility Invitational. This was my first time being invited to the invitational. My greyhound, Astro, and I only got our Excellent Agility title in late October. He’s my first agility dog, so has had to suffer through me not so gracefully learning everything.


After being invited I was really wishing there was something out there to help us prepare, and then I saw your course. The exercises, videos, and course analysis really helped us practice and helped me be a lot better at analyzing courses and planning what I’d do on course. I really liked that the exercises were easy to set up. The course definitely helped me see where possible off courses and refusals might occur and plan my handling to prevent them at the invitational.


Astro and I aren’t always consistent and he can get distracted, etc. My goals in going to the invitational were basically to have fun, keep him happy, and to do the very best that I could. We exceeded those goals by miles! Astro and I ran clean in all four rounds and made finals! Astro is the first greyhound to do this. I never thought that would happen. He was awesome and I just did my best to keep him on course. Thank you so much!
Caron J. – 2015 AKC Agility Invitational Prep Course Student


January 2017: AKC National Agility Championship Prep Course

In January 2017, we will offer our annual AKC National Agility Championship Prep Course. We will be joined by the reigning 2-time 20” National Agility Champion Sarah Baker in preparing you for this great event. Again, you do not need to be attending the event to benefit from this course! Many participants end up in the challenger round or even the finals, and everyone feels more prepared for the event.


Thank you so much for making your 2015 NAC Prep Course available!


As someone who was preparing to go to their first AKC Nationals, and who’s experience in competition has pretty much been limited to local weekend trials, I found the Bad Dog Agility Prep Course both eye-opening (in a good way), and beyond helpful. Your exercises, videos, and commentary, are so well presented; you are ‘Master Explainers’ and ‘Show and Tell Pros’.


PS. By some miracle, we ended up with a 4th Place Cumulative Score in 12″ Preferred at the 2015 NAC (!!!) I highly doubt that would have happened had I not taken your prep course. So, Thank you , Thank you, Thank you!
Paula K. – 2015 AKC NAC Prep Course Student


I loved the course. The course layout was extremely clear; it was easy to go right to the material I wanted to view and review. The course offered good course analysis and some helpful small sequences to practice one’s handling/timing. Overall, one of the best online classes that I have taken.
Bonnie D. – 2014 AKC NAC Prep Course Student