Short Sequence Plus Challenge (Set 1 – October 2019) – Bad Dog Agility Academy

Short Sequence Plus Challenge (Set 1 – October 2019)

Oct 2019

Short Sequence Exercises


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These exercises are based on #8 – #14 of this AKC Masters Jumpers With Weaves Course designed by judge Gill Chapman.

Exercise 1: Front Cross #5-#6

Exercise 2: Rear Cross #5-#6

Exercise 3: Blind Cross #5-#6



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Demonstration and Analysis

Side by Side

  • Collene says:

    Exercise 2 – I felt like the RC as demo’d had you more behind than usual for a RC, and was thinking maybe one would be just a smidge further ahead if one positioned oneself a tiny bit differently. So instead of sending to the tunnel and running over to the wing of 5 as demo’d, what about just sending to tunnel, STOP and turn in place until shoulders are parallel with 5 and facing 6 with an arm extended towards 5 (but now you are at a small distance from the jump). Twist a tiny bit back to pick up your dog. Then maybe you could also leave a smidge earlier that way and start running straight toward 6 (but not too hard, since obviously you don’t want to get too far ahead), THEN make the cut for the RC of 6. What do you think?

    Challenge – For the push to the backside (first demo), it felt like because you can’t set up the dog on a line to the backside, there is a little element of surprise for the dog that they need to take the backside if you lead out all the way to jump 3. Instead, maybe a less surprising handling for the dog would be to lead out to just as far as the landing side wing of 2. Then after you release and start moving to cue the backside of 3, your dog can see you set the line between 2-3 as they get to about the mid-point between 1-2. Which might give them a better line? Thoughts?

  • Collene says:

    I really appreciated including the weaves and the discussion on timing your weave FC. And in general, I thought the discussion really meshed well with Sarah Baker’s Thoughts on AKC Courses this month ( Maybe because I listened to one and then the other 🙂

    • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

      Awesome! I feel like sometimes once you hear a new impactful explanation or learn a new skill, suddenly your eyes are opened and you see it everywhere!

  • Collene says:

    Is the front cross line you want to be on from the inside of one wing to the other or the outside?

      • Collene says:

        Hey Sarah I just remembered I hadn’t checked the “notify me” and had to search back for this – so now just a clarification on my question.

        I may be getting TOO picky in my question, but what I am getting at in the question is going slightly deeper than you discuss. I want to know which SIDE of the left or right wing. That is, the outer side of a particular wing or the side closest to the jump bar.

        So in Esteban’s video, it sort of looked like he was drawing the line from the middle of the wings, vs your video was more definitively from the outside portions of the wings.

        A lot of times, I am guessing it is too little difference to matter. But just trying to think it through so that I can apply the logic. I’m thinking outside of wing seems better so the dog can get a better view of where that wing is and jump accordingly.

        • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

          I guess I would start with outside of the wing to outside of the wing. Then visualize your dog’s perfect path. You basically want to start on one side of this perfect path and end on the other side of this perfect path, but you want to always be close to that perfect path, imagine your dog next to you. You don’t want to give them a ton of room outside of the perfect path, you’re using your path to force your dog’s perfect path.

          The wing to wing isn’t perfect since sometimes your dog is coming from an awkward angle to the first jump and isn’t really curving around either of the wings. But it’s a good starting point.

  • Barb VE says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Here is puppy Enzo trying the exercises! As you can see, he has some very strong skills (e.g., weaving) but less strength with other skills.

    I am more than usually excited to get your feedback, since he is so very young (16 mo.) and just starting out.


  • Holly D says:

    I did this with my 2 1/2 year old dog, Annie. We did have difficulty with the rear cross. She wanted to turn and not take the last jump, but we did finally get it. In the challenge had difficulty because I am not really sure how to do the forced front cross. I also was not able to do the same turn you did at 6-7-8. Leads to where I could get more info on them please.

  • Hdickin580 says:

    I worked on this set with my dogs today. Since weaves were included, I decided to also work various weave entries and exits with K and Furrrrg. Slothy is not real strong on weave skills yet, so I tried the weave FC separately, and then sat him at the end of the weaves as a startline to work the other parts of the drills.

  • Susanne says:

    I forgot the rear cross video. I think my turns are late and I’m not powering through the end. Duh.


  • says:

    Well I did all the exercises with my trial dog but none of it videod. I did get video of my baby dog who is 12 months this week so that’s what I’m submitting. Haha. No weaves because we haven’t started them yet. PS I fixed that ugly front cross but it also did not video. I gave up. Sending what I have.

  • Linda says:

    is it both lanes that are challenge no.1 in oct month or is it just the lane without the wave 🤔

    • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

      Ahhh. I think I see the confusion. 

      This is the October small space plus challenge. It’s a small space format we’ve been doing for years. The exercises are just for you to work on handling. They are always small space with limited equipment. And they included a nested “challenge” sequence. In this case, challenge just means it’s a little harder of a sequence. You can always submit anything you want review or help on. But there are no prizes or anything for these small space plus challenge exercises. 
      We also have October challenges going on for prizes. These are outlined here:

      For October, these challenges are all about start line stays.

      Please let me know if that’s clear! I can certainly see how it could be confusing since we use the “challenge” label for both those things!

  • Sally Lewis says:

    Interesting challenge. Nice to integrate weaves into the exercises.

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