Short Sequence Plus Challenge (Set 2 – February 2019) – Bad Dog Agility Academy

Short Sequence Plus Challenge (Set 2 – February 2019)

Feb 2019

Short Sequence Exercises



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These exercises are based on #1 – #7 of this AKC Premier course designed by AKC judge Jeff Ipser.

Exercise 1: Dog on Right, Blind Cross #2-#3, Jaako at #3

Exercise 2: Dog on Right, Blind Cross #2-#3, Post Turn at #3

Exercise 3: Dog on Right, Rear Cross #3

Exercise 4: Dog on Left, Front Cross #3, Rear Cross #4




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Version 4
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Demonstration and Analysis

Side by Side

  • Collene says:

    For the exercises – I noticed something about start positions when trying them and then coming back to look at your videos.

    Ex 4 requires the biggest leadout – you really need to be between jumps 2 & 3 to effectively show your dog the correct line since the natural curve is going away from you when you have dog on left.

    Ex 1 or 2 is the middle length leadout – you can be just passing the second jump when releasing your dog and still be ok.

    Ex 3 demands the shortest leadout – in fact it might be good if your dog doesn’t have a stay start, or if this sequence was in the middle of the course and you’d gotten a little behind so getting up to do the blind just wasn’t going to happen.

    • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

      Awesome summary. That’s why I live these small spaces. Maybe one time you see this challenge and you can get ahead. Maybe the next time you see this challenge something tricky earlier put you behind. Maybe a third time you see something like this you want to be as far as head as possible to handle something else tricky.

      Different options are useful in different contexts!

  • Tropicalmk says:

    Hi Sarah
    I’m not sure what was up with Surf today, she crashed a bar twice, both times with her front feet. she hardly ever hits a bar. It looks like she took off way too early the first time, the second time is difficult to tell since she is running away from the camera. I made sure 5-6 is 21ft and that’s normal spacing. She got a big girl haircut for the first time, maybe she thought she could fly.


    I did notice I had to redirect both dogs out to the jump after the tunnel. I didn’t want to drive too far forward to send because I wanted to get the blind cross in. Should I have been saying “jump” before they came out of tunnel?

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