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Your knowledge and willingness to analyze our runs is so valuable. Thank you so much.
Sue V. – 2017 AKC National Prep Course Student

This was my second year attending the Invitational with my Greyhound, Astro, and my second year taking this course. I’m super happy that I decided to take the course again. Even though I had run the previous years courses I wanted to hear what you had to say about them, etc. In one of the challenge sections of the videos you showed a backside and mentioned that it was similar to the type of backside that might show up at the Invitational. We hadn’t seen a backside in a trial in over a year and it hadn’t occurred to me that there might be one at the Invitational. Astro and I hadn’t run any Premier courses in trials yet, and your course made me think that I needed to sign up for some before the Invitational so we could get some backside practice in a trial setting, not just at home. Yep, turned out there was a back side in Round 4 JWW, and we got it! Astro and I had another awesome Invitational experience in 2016. He’s such an amazing boy. Our runs were smoother this year, we had 4 clear rounds, and made in into 24 inch Finals again! Thanks so much!
Caron J. – 2016 AKC Agility Invitational Prep Course Student

Really enjoyed the course and felt better prepared for the competition. The mental hints were very helpful!
Diane O. – 2016 AKC Agility Invitational Prep Course Student

This is not the first year that I have taken the Invitational Prep course from Bad Dog Agility — and I have loved it every year. I feel confident and well prepared for the event.
Barb VE. – VIP Member

The feedback and instruction are awesome. The videos and course maps are very professional and easy to view. This is an awesome course that I highly recommend!
Taryn H. – 2016 AKC Agility Invitational Prep Course Student

While I have never attended the Invitational, I attend the AKC NAC every year. This course (along with the NAC Prep course) has helped me prepare for my upcoming participation at the 2017 AKC NAC.
Nancy L. – 2016 AKC Agility Invitational Prep Course Student

Great insight into breaking down the courses and a nice variety of handling exercises.
Tami G. – 2016 AKC Agility Invitational Prep Course Student

This course was just what I needed. It was my first invitational with my current Vizsla and we did extremely well. We were actually in 10th place going into the last run before the finals and would have made the finals if it wasn’t for an off course. I really wasn’t nervous at this big event and felt that I was very prepared. I actually had to run with an injury to my leg so I ended up having to handle pretty far away from my dog and we were very successful in spite of it.
Sue V. – 2016 AKC Agility Invitational Prep Course Student

I enjoyed the course. I am not in the States but used it as training for competitions here in New Zealand.
Jo C. – 2016 AKC Agility Invitational Prep Course Student

This is JUST what I need (especially at the beginning of the agility season) love the detailed and technical analysis! I really struggle with knowing how to read the course and plan the run so all this information is tremendously useful. Well done on a great run over a very challenging course, that weave entry was awesome!!
Julia C. – 2016 AKC National Agility Championship Before and After Subscriber

Thank you for your insight. Fascinating and thought provoking! Really gaining a lot from these videos.
Virginia H. – Before and After 2016 AKC NAC Prep Cousrse Student

So glad I signed up for this! Really informative before study of how to handle and the after with the slow motion run put it all together.
Patricia D. – Before and After 2016 AKC NAC Prep Cousrse Student

This is really helpful even for me as a beginner that hasn’t even been to a trial yet. It is going to help me know what to look for when I watch runs so that I can really learn from them.
Lila S. – 2016 AKC National Agility Championship Before and After Subscriber

Wow… nicely done… well presented… such awesome teamwork, inspiring for a novice team (with big goals)…. I am so glad I signed up. Looking forward to more.
Carey H. – 2016 AKC National Agility Championship Before and After Subscriber

Thank you! I am new to agility and learning sooo much by thinking about the course and watching it at full speed then slowed down. This is great. Also loved your pod cast about practicing like crazy without the dog to get the footwork down!
Elena T. – 2016 AKC National Agility Championship Before and After Subscriber

I really appreciate how honest your analyses are, even when it’s your run.
Sammi F. – VIP Member

Thanks again for offering this course, and at such a reasonable price. I learned a LOT. Sarah and Esteban, you are so knowledgeable and articulate, and on top of that — so generous in sharing your knowledge. Thank you!
Debbie L. – 2016 AKC National Agility Championship Before and After Subscriber

Thank you for offering this! I really enjoyed Esteban’s perspective on each course, and I learned a lot.
Kathy E. – Before and After 2015 AKC NAC Prep Course Student

I’ve only been doing Agility for a couple of years with my very 1st dog so these courses and moves are way a above my skill set. However, this is so AWESOME!! Just what I have been looking for. The map analysis and after analysis and the way Esteban explains is perfect and is making so much sense to me!! I can’t thank you enough for putting together this presentation!!
Jan V. – Before and After 2016 AKC NAC Prep Course Student

Esteban and Gitchi – You had a great run today. I can’t tell you how interesting it was to hear and see your Before plan, watch you run the course incorporating in changes after having your walk through, then watching and listening to your After Analysis. This is a woderful learning experience. I can’t wait to see more. Thank you so much for doing this. What a good idea!
Claire P. – 2016 AKC National Agility Championship Before and After Subscriber

I loved the course analysis from 2015 and studied them again the nights before our runs. We did very well and your analysis was very helpful. Thanks for the great diagrams!
2016 AKC NAC Prep Course Student

very beneficial to track (or map) the differences when running courses in various ways–this was so enlightening because often I was wrong in which way I would have chosen–always good to look at several ways and now I do
Sue I. – 2016 AKC NAC Prep Course Student

I am a novice agility person with my first agility dog. I attend class every week, but of course there is not enough time for the trainer to give me all the info about handling. It has been so helpful to see videos of handling, with comments by the handler about why they are doing what they do, what do watch out for, how different motions result in different reactions from the dog. I loved this course, and can’t wait for the next one.
Janet B. – 2016 AKC NAC Prep Course Student

This was my second year taking the NAC Prep Course, as well as my second year attending the AKC Nationals, and I can’t say enough good things about both experiences! As someone who’s prior experience had been pretty much limited to weekend AKC trials, I can’t imagine how unnerved I would have been had I not had the prep courses to help me prepare both for Reno and Tulsa. Although I am a ‘middle of the pack’ competitor running an ‘off breed’ dog (think Shetland pony vs. Thoroughbred), this year at the Nationals I even found myself hoping to see some of the tougher challenges covered in the Prep Course (which is definitely a good feeling!)
Thanks so much Sarah and Esteben for once again offering this excellent course, and as they say: same time next year 🙂
Paula K. – 2016 AKC NAC Prep Course Student

What makes Bad Dog Agility classes better than the rest is they don’t just analyze the course for you, or just demonstrate different ways to run it (including small v large dog, fast v slow handler), or even that they break it all down with slow motion and drawing on the screen – it is that they include and excell at ALL these things. You will learn so much so easily while also having fun!
Collene G. – 2016 AKC NAC Prep Course Student

When I started in agility, I immersed myself in every blog, website, took weekly classes and enrolled in Baddogagility’s VIP program (actually before I even bought my dog!). I listened to BDA podcasts, every one of them. As the weeks and months progressed, it became obvious that the one thing that was answering my questions with their material and showing me the correct path to help my dog and myself was Baddogagility. I have dropped all my other memberships and often find myself revisiting all the videos and podcasts I have access to at BDA and still learning something new everytime. I can’t say enough good things about their program. The camaraderie on their Facebook page is superb. Their dedication to teaching and helping competitors, especially the fledgelings, is unparalleled. They make sure their material is relevant to big and little dogs. The website program is such a thorough work of art and professionalism, I think I will stay a member after I retire from agility! Although I have never met anyone there in person, their guidance and inspiration towards their members got me where I wanted to go. And we’re still going!
Sammi F. – VIP Member

Five Stars…2 Thumbs up. Whatever rating scale you choose, Bad Dog Agility is the best you can ask for at very low cost. Sarah and Esteban Fernandezlopez give you everything you need and those other things you didn’t know you were missing. I joined their VIP program and simply love it. It provides exceptional breadth and depth for the agility enthusiast. In my opinion Sarah and Esteban offer the best array of programs I have ever encountered.
Chris C. – VIP Member

I wanted to let you know that I think this course really helped me prepare and be successful at the AKC Agility Invitational. This was my first time being invited to the invitational. My greyhound, Astro, and I only got our Excellent Agility title in late October. He’s my first agility dog, so has had to suffer through me not so gracefully learning everything.

After being invited I was really wishing there was something out there to help us prepare, and then I saw your course. The exercises, videos, and course analysis really helped us practice and helped me be a lot better at analyzing courses and planning what I’d do on course. I really liked that the exercises were easy to set up. The course definitely helped me see where possible off courses and refusals might occur and plan my handling to prevent them at the invitational.

Astro and I aren’t always consistent and he can get distracted, etc. My goals in going to the invitational were basically to have fun, keep him happy, and to do the very best that I could. We exceeded those goals by miles! Astro and I ran clean in all four rounds and made finals! Astro is the first greyhound to do this. I never thought that would happen. He was awesome and I just did my best to keep him on course. Thank you so much!
Caron J. – 2015 AKC Agility Invitational Prep Course Student

When I signed up for your VIP program a year ago I set a goal to shoot for the #5 spot for Border terriers…….I made it to #1!!!!!! Thanks for sharing all your agility information at such a reasonable price!
Beth C. – VIP Member

VIP is an awesome program. My dog and I are so far ahead of other teams at my agility school weekly lessons because we do our homework at Bad Dog Agility and have a full course set up at home to apply the handling tips and run the courses. But the full course set-up only came to be because the VIP program was filling the holes in our training and taking us to a much higher level of understanding. As one of their podcasts explained “Be a Student of the Game” all the time in every way you can to be successful in your goals.
Samantha F. – VIP Member

I especially like the training exercises and your discussion of lines, deceleration and cueing. I used much of that info in the classes that I teach as well as improving my own handling. Your classes are just the right mixture of training the dog and training the handler for me.
Linda S. – VIP Member

Thank you so much for making your 2015 NAC Prep Course available!

As someone who was preparing to go to their first AKC Nationals, and who’s experience in competition has pretty much been limited to local weekend trials, I found the Bad Dog Agility Prep Course both eye-opening (in a good way), and beyond helpful. Your exercises, videos, and commentary, are so well presented; you are ‘Master Explainers’ and ‘Show and Tell Pros’.

PS. By some miracle, we ended up with a 4th Place Cumulative Score in 12″ Preferred at the 2015 NAC (!!!) I highly doubt that would have happened had I not taken your prep course. So, Thank you , Thank you, Thank you!
Paula K. – 2015 AKC NAC Prep Course Student

Every week I look forward now to setting up these sequences and trying them with my PRT pup who is actually doing better than I expected with them! I recommend you to everyone at my local training school and hopefully they will avail themselves of your excellent learning opportunities. I honestly feel like I learn much more from your program than I do in weekly class, but of course, I need both.
Sammi F. – 2015 AKC NAC Prep Course Student

Great run! I’m Learning a lot from the before and after. Great organization on your part. Really impressed with the presentation.
Teresa – 2015 AKC National Agility Championship Before and After Subscriber

Thank you so much for doing this!!!! I learned so much about analyzing courses. It is wonderful that you were willing to take the time to do this when you must have been so busy getting prepared for your runs.
Brenda – 2015 AKC National Agility Championship Before and After Subscriber

This has been such an incredible learning experience. Thanks again. What an incredible run.
Samantha – 2015 AKC National Agility Championship Before and After Subscriber

Loved the course analysis. Gave me some new ways of looking at the course challenges presented.
Kathy S. – 2014 AKC Agility Invitational Prep Course Student

I learned a lot from the insightful analysis of the courses and exercises. Then it was fun to set up the sequences and try them with my dog! I feel ready for the invitational.
Barb S. – 2014 AKC Agility Invitational Prep Course Student and 2014 24″ Invitational Champion

I loved the course. The course layout was extremely clear; it was easy to go right to the material I wanted to view and review. The course offered good course analysis and some helpful small sequences to practice one’s handling/timing. Overall, one of the best online classes that I have taken.
Bonnie D. – 2014 AKC NAC Prep Course Student

Very well done. I especially liked the mental prep that was a bonus with this course. It helped me a great deal with ring nerves.
Sue V. – 2014 AKC NAC Prep Course Student

I highly recommend the prep course. The analysis along with exercises and videos really helped explain the what and why of doing certain handling. Some of it may seem fundamental but who doesn’t need a refresher once in awhile?
Liz A. – 2014 AKC NAC Prep Course Student

Even though I am a beginner in agility, I feel that anyone at any level of experience can garner knowledge, advice, tips, etc from this course that will improve their handling and their teams results.
Kim W. – 2014 AKC NAC Prep Course Student

This course gave me a great feeling confidence going into the 2014 NAC. I tried to analysis the courses on my own but was not able to do as complete of a job as you guys did.
Jen V. – 2014 AKC NAC Prep Course Student

Great way to organize one’s NAC preparation. Exercise set-up was minimal and completion of the exercises helped build confidence in one’s team work.This course was better than a one day prep seminar as it covered more material and gave you time to practice different handling methods. The analysis of each course helped develop one’s skill in planning handling paths and alternatives for the 2014 NAC courses.
Margaret B. – 2014 AKC NAC Prep Course Student

This course gave me an idea of what to expect at Nationals and made this first time for me less daunting. Also loved the mention preparation part of the course. But even if I wouldn’t have gone, it was a great general handling and course analysis course from which everyone could benefit. The course stimulated me to explore rear crosses more and I am now less weary of them and even see the benefits against other handling options. Thanks so much!
Miranda M. – 2014 AKC NAC Prep Course Student

The course review really helped my confidence at NAC 2014. It gave me something to focus/practice on while I was at home before competing at our 1st NAC. Very helpful and I will sign up for future courses!
Janae C. – 2014 AKC NAC Prep Course Student

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! You guys are the best!!!
Francisca M – Spring 2013 Tune-Up Student

I really enjoy your site and the technical analysis you do. I am accountant and the details matter. I am always looking for training holes where I have not properly worked with my dogs.
Margaret B. – Spring 2013 Tune-Up Student

This is the best explanation of front crosses that I have ever encountered. I have struggled with front crosses for years. The video demonstrations are awesome!
Patty E. – Spring 2013 Tune-Up Student

Wow what a great learning experience this has been Your expert feedback is so informative and helpful. I am for sure a visual learner and this has been a real eye opener.
Carol B. – Spring 2013 Tune-Up Student

Thank you so much Esteban for your fantastic feedback and coaching. I am enjoying my lessons with you and Sarah so very much. Great points and help you are giving me and I can see it so very clearly when you break it down like this..
Francisca M. – Spring 2013 Tune-Up Student

Thanks so much for putting together this online course. It is phenomenal.
Patty E. – Spring 2013 Tune-Up Student

This online seminar offered by Sarah and Esteban helped me more than any class or physical seminar I’ve ever attended. The analysis of my trial runs through The Coach’s Eye is invaluable and I watch them over and over. Front crosses have always been a problem for me but after practicing my footwork as taught in this course I executed them well and my dog earned 4 double Qs in my last two trials. I can’t wait for the next course to become available!
Sheila W. – Spring 2013 Tune-Up Student

Esteban invested a great deal of time in analyzing every frame of my training and competition videos. His comments were both educational and entertaining, as well as motivational and extremely helpful for improving my handling. . . . This course was well worth the investment.
Patty E. – Spring 2013 Tune-Up Student

The feedback you have given me has been so valuable to my understanding of agility. You have a great sense of who I am, my relationship with my dogs and their agility needs. You have a great sense of the use of praise with constructive feedback. The ability to give people feedback in a positive but direct manner is a great skill and it appears to come naturally to you. You also have great patience in realizing that students are trying to improve but it takes time and repetition to form new patterns.
Arlene A. – Spring 2013 Tune-Up Student

You always gave a valid feedback with correction, but still finding something positive to say. Which keep me uplifting and wants to work some more!
Oksana S. and Merit – Spring 2013 Tune-Up Student

You [Sarah] and Esteban are excellent at explaining the content, showing examples and providing detailed analysis of our tapes. The explanations are geared for any level of expertise in agility.
Arlene A. – Spring 2013 Tune-Up Student

I loved the course format and instruction. Each module taught a critical aspect of handling with detailed explanations and video demonstrations followed by exercises to perform. Instructions on how to perform the exercises were clear and concise.
Patty E. – Spring 2013 Tune-Up Student

Sarah’s a fantastic teacher! It is obvious that her instruction and class planning are the result of a very analytical, logical, and focused thought process. In the class environment, she tailors her instruction perfectly to the level of each dog/handler team and gives excellent and positive feedback to everyone.
Linda B.

The things that Sarah brings to the table that are special include a unique understanding of the questions that novice handlers/owners have. She has comprehensive yet easy to understand answers for those handlers. Sarah is easy going enough to not intimidate a novice while being knowledgeable and eloquent enough to maintain the interest of the seasoned competitor.
Sherry D., DVM