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Medium Individual Agility (Jennifer)

  • JenniferCrank says:

    Thanks everyone! Swift was great! Minus the part where I almost fell into the DW, this was my favorite run of the weekend. Now I have a year to get a better handle on my nerves!

  • linda Zehler says:

    As always I really appreciate your detailed analysis. Congratulations on a wonderful weekend. You two were incredible.

  • epictylz says:

    Love the analysis, so much great information on a fabulous run!!! Congratulations, you & Swift are amazing!!!!!

  • Sashagility says:

    Wow nicely done !

  • cynthia says:

    You and Swift ROCKED IT!! Awesome 🙂 thanks for the analysis, I find it so helpful

  • Sabine Lackner says:

    Wonderful run, Congratulations! And thanks for the analysis, great as always! Hope you enjoyed your party!

  • Pauline Hosenfeld says:

    nicely done, Jenn. Loved how you two stay connected throughout the run. Woo hoo! on the weave poles. that was smooth. Love how you explain the desired path of travel, and show how handling affects that. so much to learn from here. thank you! and big big congratulations!

  • Troy says:

    Super run! Thanks for the analysis!
    Congratulations 🎉🍾

  • Troy says:

    Super run! Thanks for the analysis!
    Congratulations 🎉🍾

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