Standard – After – Lucky, Swift, P!nk – Bad Dog Agility Academy

Standard – After – Lucky, Swift, P!nk

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Full Run – Lucky

Full Run – Swift

Full Run – P!nk

After Analysis – P!nk

  • MaryTurcintrio says:

    Beautiful run. Explanation for handling move into weaves and A-frame make sense, just have to remember. Very informative.

  • Tropicalmk says:

    Super teamwork from all your dogs! They really do give you their best and you know what to ask for. Loved watching your runs!
    Although I do wonder HOW you manage to stay ahead of Pink.

  • @agilitypoodle says:

    GREAT analysis! Thank you so very much. Hearty congrats on all the wins and your runs!

  • Pauline Hosenfeld says:

    way to go, Jenn. Loved your comments.

  • says:

    Thank you for the great analysis. I really admire you being able to run 3 dogs so close together. Your Shelties are beautiful and Pink is fabulous. Good luck in the finals.

  • bettybell says:

    fabulous analysis !

  • Karyn Kutchey says:

    Your run looked great! You know your dog – and it showed at the end, by staying so far to the right of the last jump. Good luck in the finals!

    • JenniferCrank says:

      I will admit that nerves played a role on that last line as well. I wasn’t worried about that last jump when walking the course but after watching several other dogs have the problem I knew I needed to work it. The advantages of going near the end of the running order 🙂

  • Maribeth Pajtas says:

    I am learning so much from each handler’s analysis of course and choices for their dog. When people advise you how to handle, you really need to know your dog’s strengths and weaknesses as well as yours as a handler. Definitely worth the $ to view this course.

  • Redcourt says:

    Great run. Excellent analysis. Thank you.

  • says:

    Thank you so much for the analysis!

  • Lois Ronis says:

    Sorry I posted my comment under Hop’s run by mistake but Thankyou for your detailed analysis and your different handling approaches with each Dog! OMG I have my hands full with just running 1 crazy Westie Kalani! BRAVO!!

  • Havahav says:

    Loved your analysis and explanation of why you handled your dogs differently in spots and the same in other spots. Loved watching it!

    • JenniferCrank says:

      While P!nk and Swift are pretty similar, Lucky is very different and requires very different handling in order to get the best from him. Glad you enjoyed the analysis!

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