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Welcome to the 2019 Agility World Championship Experience. This course is entirely web-based and designed to work with PCs, Macs and tablets like the iPad or Android devices. You can also access it from a smartphone. If you have any technical problems, please send an email to immediately. As you move through the material, you can use the “Mark as Completed” button to keep track of your progress.

In this video series, you will get an in depth look at all four runs at the 2019 FCI Agility World Championship from four elite competitors covering the small, medium, and large height classes. Each competitor will analyze their own performance immediately after their runs, talking you through their initial plan as well as their mistakes and successes on course. Bad Dog Agility instructor Jennifer Crank will represent Team USA and the medium height class with her Sheltie Swift. Bad Dog Agility sponsored athlete Sarah Baker will represent Team USA and the large height class with her border collie Hops. We are excited to be joined by Canada’s Jessica Patterson who will provide analysis of the large dog courses with her border collie Lux and Germany’s Tobias Wüst with Sheltie Dörte, who took gold in 2017 and silver in 2018 in the small dog class.

Note: All analyses will be in English.

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