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Exercise with Options

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  • Sue Diveley says:

    Here are my videos. You can put this in the url. “YouTube Sue BDA” or access them with links below.
    Note: I have not done spins before! I gave them a try.

    Cecil Spin Rear

    Cecil rear
    Cecil wrap

    Cecil front

    Joey spin rear

    Joey rear

    Joey wrap

    Joey front

    Thanks so much.

  • Liz Barlow says:

    Here are my videos. I did a little comparison. The blind cross was (no rear) was the fastest for Frank (by a very small amount) and the wrap and Front cross were about the same. The rear was a touch slower.

    Here’s Polly:
    The rear and wrap were much slower. the blind (no rear) and front cross were much the same.

    I forgot there was the Challenge sequence because it was too stinking hot. (It’s summer here in New Zealand). I do want to give it a go tho!

    • Jennifer Crank says:

      Prolly feedback: https://youtu.be/vyquJTzm2Qw

      Frank feedback: https://youtu.be/eNZqnZE5cGs

      Good work on these!

      • Liz Barlow says:

        Thanks for the feedback. It was really useful to hear. I kind of want to do this again so I can actually get those turns. I am not sure I can be bothered training polly to run forward, she’s probably going to be retired this year. But it’s a good reminder on what to work on with my up and coming pood who is also itty bitty like Polly.

        You might be able to tell that I am not used to Frank’s speed – late late late! ha ha moving from a Polly to a Frank is a bit of a transition. Interesting that he was jumping so much cleaner in these videos, only big leaps were on the last jump.

        Hoping to get down to do some more training this weekend, forecast is looking just right – not too hot not too cold.

        Just attended Tracey Skelnar’s seminar in Napier so I’m feeling pretty motivated!

  • phosenfeld@wowway.com says:

    here are a couple of attempts. not sure about this jumping surface. Had equipment issues for the other sets but will try those once I find a place to use. thanks in advance for your feedback.




  • seahorse.joan@gmail.com says:

    Here is Lesson 1 of module 3 for Joan & Chewie. I have 4 runs in the video, one for each of the exercises and the 4th I did a Jaako/K turn as a 4th option. Chewie has some issues with “stalling” in front of jumps sometimes particularly when doing tight handling over multiple jumps, which he does demonstrate in one of the runs. Do you have any suggestions to help him gain confidence/drive, etc when doing jump sequences? Thanks. Joan

  • Nancy T says:

    Hi. This is Nancy with Wesley. First time posting. Looking forward to your input. I am always trying to work on finding ways to encourage drive with this hard working dog. I try to avoid rear crossing as much as possible although we do do it.

  • Claire says:

    I thought I posted this last night but I don’t see it, so I’m trying again. Hopefully it doesn’t show up somewhere else by mistake

    Here is a video showing Andy and me running Exercise 1 the 3 different ways.

    If faced with this sequence on course, I probably would have been most comfortable with the front cross after 3. I am glad that I was able to try all 3 ways and I look forward to your analysis.

    Thank you.


    • Jennifer Crank says:

      The FC option seemed the most comfortable for you so I can see how you’d choose that. Always good to keep working the other options as well. Gave you a bit more feedback on your spins.

      • Claire says:

        Hi Jennifer. You mentioned, during your review of our video, that I sometimes use unnecessary deceleration on my part and Andy tends to add an extra stride because of that. You also mentioned that he tends to add an extra stride and that we may benefit from doing some extension grids. (I’ll try to also be mindful of unnecessary deceleration on my part.)

        I have Linda Mecklenburg’s Mastering Jumping Skills book and Susan Salo’s Jumping Grid Workbook and we have taken several online classes with Susan Salo using the jump grids. Is this the type of practice you were thinking about? Their extension grids?

        I noticed when you gave that section in September demonstrating the difference between extension, relative collection and true collection that when I practiced this with Andy he had more strides in extension than the dog in the video. So I’d like to work on this and hopefully improve his extension stride work.

        Thank you.

  • Christinede1 says:

    Hi there,

    Here are our Week one exercises and the Challenge… to be fair to Riley, we don’t do a lot of backsides because I don’t see them much in AKC Masters in SoCal and we don’t do premier (he is 9 and I don’t want to crank on him 😉

    What I tend to see are the people who do a lot of backsides in practice seem to get them on course when they don’t want them so I’ve kind of shied away from them!


  • CarrieN says:

    Hi! I’m Carrie Neyland and I will be working with Roulez, an almost 3 yr old golden retriever, during this course. We got a little hot by the time we started working on Exercise 3 but I wanted to submit what we had done so far.


  • Sue says:

    Here are my exercises.
    I found no. 1 the hardest – you will see what sometimes happens when I ask him to wrap. I am not entirely sure what I am doing wrong.
    I found the front cross the easiest – yay! I used to avoid front crosses but I have been practising the 4 steps and it has really helped me.
    With the rear cross, I felt I was hanging around waiting for the point when I had to cross – I tend to avoid rear crosses!

  • Mary says:

    lesson 1 including challenges. I had a really hard time getting a wrap at 7 in the challenge so I included a failed rep since they probably all looked similar. The area between 1 and 2 was really soggy and I was trying to avoid running through there which is why I started sending to the backside and kind of tip toeing through there on the challenge.


    • Jennifer Crank says:

      Hopefully you can see with some slow motion exactly why Streak was turning right at that jump. He was being very honest 😉

      • Mary says:

        Thanks Jen! I knew it had to be something and I had been thinking my feet but I see now it was the motion, totally makes sense now. And yeah I was totally having a little trouble running in the deep grass and then the one part was soggy. I would have move but by the time I noticed I had already dragged all the jumps out there so I went w it as best I could. Trying a different place today.

  • joni_milliron@hotmail.com says:

    My practice runs with my 2 1/2 year old Aussie. We just completed our AKC Excellent Standard and JWW titles and obviously have lots to learn (which is why we are here)!


    Thank you!

  • Barb VE says:


    Here is my video. I ran all 3 dogs with all 3 options, PLUS a 4th option (serp on jump#4). Not sure this is viable but it was fun.

    Obviously, I don’t expect you to comment on all 12 versions!!!



    • Jennifer Crank says:

      Great work! And of course I’ll give feedback on all three dogs! I did find it interesting some of the handling difference you made with the three. I’d say handling looked best with Lollipop.

      • Barb VE says:

        Thanks, Jennifer! Great comments on all but I am paying especial attention to Enzo. He is a completely different experience for me and I will be needing a lot of advice.
        For my own sanity, I will set up and work pin-wheels and 180’s and see what is what. I want to have more distance and sending on him (than I have had with previous dogs), since he is young and fast and I’m not. However, he is already showing a willingness to fly off to things on his path which look interesting. I think my tendency to over-use verbals with him is because of that. At any rate— I really appreciate it!

  • Angela.sarra@yahoo.com says:

    AWESOME feedback!! Thank you! Yes, I was decelerating/no motion at 4 to make sure not to get the backside of 5. I find myself wanting to use decel/no motion to get a turn quite often and you’re right that isn’t helping me stay ahead. I always go for slice and extension options to make it easier on Journey. Had no idea the difference was THAT much in time!!!

  • Sally Lewis says:

    Here my sequences with my Irish Water Spaniel, Porter. I combined the challenges and the regular exercises on this video.


  • Angela.sarra@yahoo.com says:

    I hope it isn’t too early to submit video? Not showing this weekend so I want to take advantage of our time. You’re getting the very first one and only try for exercises 1-3. For option 1, you are getting the 6th try. (try 1, I forgot where I was going after jump 3. Try 2, got the back side of 5, try 3, I tripped and almost fell 🤣, try 4, bar at 2, try 5, bar at a1!), option 2, getting 2nd try. He went around the backside at 3 and stopped on try 1. Let me know what you think. Funny the front cross option was probably the worst and most likely the one I would attempt…

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