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Exercise with Options

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  • Sue & the Ratties says:

    Hi Sarah, Here is my Mod 6 with Cecil and Joey. We had big trouble getting in the rear between 3 and 4. The space was just too tight for us. They do rears fine in other situations. So I’m thinking if I had this sort of set up, I’d pick another handling. https://youtu.be/joQ-MlFz4H0

  • seahorse.joan@gmail.com says:


    Finally, the rains (and a bit of snow) have stopped in Vancouver, Canada and my backyard is not a muddy mess. Thanks. Joan & Chewie

    • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

      Hi Liz! Here’s your feedback: https://youtu.be/CqednI9zVrA

      I would recommend some set point exercises and maybe some jump grids. I highly recommend Susan Salo’s book. It’s an incredible resource for the price: https://amzn.to/2GcQ8i4

      Here’s an example of set point: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm7CPgAG7h8

      • Liz Barlow says:

        I’ve ordered Susan’s book. Just waiting for international shipping. I have done some set point with him. and he nails it when we’re doing set point. But to be honest, with everything else he’s had going on, I’m happy to have him working with Joy!

        • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

          Absolutely! One thing at a time.

          • Liz Barlow says:

            Great feedback! Good point about hanging back to get that serp. I’m so unused to his speed that I think I have to get miles ahead. The HUGE leap is more generally on the last jump, I think he’s doing a woo hoo a little. That last run where I try the wrap, I’d been finishing on that jump for all the previous sets so I think he was still woo hooing! He’s naturally pretty exuberant and physical.

          • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

            He looks like a fun pup!!

          • Liz Barlow says:

            The Susan Salo book arrived. Here’s us playing with the first grid. More work to do.

          • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

            I think work like this will be very beneficial. I would do some set point work as I think that’s a great grid for building rear end strength AND learning their take off point.

            You might then alternate (if you can find some space) between a equal distance grid and a progressive grid (like what you did here).

  • phosenfeld@wowway.com says:

    Hi and happy new year. These videos were done before the holidays and I am glad to have a chance to review them and send them to you – looking forward to your input.

    Here are links to the basic exercises.
    Front cross:
    Rear cross:
    wrap at jump four:

    Here are the two options for the challenge sequence.
    Dog on right at the start:
    Dog on left at the start:

    Looking forward to your input. I find this course helpful because I try different handling. Some are more ‘comfortable’ than others; but good to try. In the basic exercises, the rear cross was the most ‘uncomfortable.’ Challenge sequences – Copper Sun has a pretty reliable ‘here’ to offside tunnel entrance, so depending on what a course looks like, I might choose that over the push.

  • Sue says:

    Hi Sarah!
    Rail on the wrap that you said may be a problem was a problem. If I was a good dog trainer I would have angled the jump so he had success. But I am learning! 😀
    The frail on the serp I think may have been from me getting in the way.


  • CarrieN says:

    Had some trouble with the blind option even after adding a verbal cue– she was spying the #1 jump after the blind and taking it. I broke it down and worked through it on both our parts. The wrap option- nice tight turn around the jump but wide curve between the last 2 jumps.


  • Nancy T says:

    Hi Sarah, I ran Wesley with the front cross and serpentine options.

  • Claire says:

    Hi Sarah. Here is a video showing Andy running the Exercise several different ways. Thanks.


      • Claire says:

        Wow, quite a difference in the side by side choices. Thank you for doing that.

        Just because of the angle of approach to the next jump from the wrap, I probably would never choose that option on this setup as my first choice. (As you said, there is a high degree of danger in knocking that bar. )

        Seeing the difference in timing of the wrap with that angle of approach in the following jump vs the slice is amazing.

        You have shown me a side by side with Andy before, wrap vs slice, with virtually no difference in time so this offset jump really made all of the difference!

  • Barb VE says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Here are my dogs. Alas, when Patt is running, Enzo is screaming; when Enzo is running, Patt is screaming and when Lollie is running, they are BOTH screaming.


    I didn’t do the inside wrap at #4 because I don’t think it would be to the advantage of any of my dogs. At any rate, it SHOULDN’T be; at this moment, I can probably get through it faster with Enzo on the wrap because he won’t wing out so wide.

    I included a different piece of handling, which is closer to what I would do, if the course kept going away (5 to 6 and on). That is, FC between 3 and 4 with BC between 5 and 6.

    The video starts with Patt. I don’t know why he had such trouble with keeping #5 up. He is almost 9 and his ETS means his eyesight is probably poor; maybe that’s why. I included one of the runs with the bar down (knocking with his tail). He knocked it with the FC and RC. I didn’t get a clean run on the RC. He got the serp and my FC/BC clean on the first try.

    For Lollie, I was trying to get everything done as early as possible.

    Enzo couldn’t manage the RC without going way too wide. We need more practice at collecting when requested (before #3). I included a few rep’s of throwing the toy on the line between 3 and 4 (as a training aid). The Serp try also suffered from a wide turn 3 to 4. Then he made a pinwheel with #5 and we stopped for a training break. At his current state of experience, the FC/pull or the FC/BC are better choices for him.

  • Mary says:

    Video Bomb by Constantine. 😂😂


  • Angela.sarra@yahoo.com says:

    Hi Sarah, here’s Journey and I! I like the front cross the best in the exercise and the lead out push the best in the challenge. I don’t like how he goes wide and has to cut back on #4 in almost all of the options except the front cross. It was down right ugly for the serpentine. This is very common with serpentines for him. I quite often don’t want to get too far ahead for fear he’s just going to blast on past it. I often have to wait and force him to cut back… I found the curl to be 0.6 sec slower than the front cross. As for the challenge. I like the lead out push option. I don’t like how wide he goes from 4 to 5 and I think his jumping effort at 5 is not very good. Maybe I should have gotten up there and forced him to do better? Thanks so much for your help!

  • Sally Lewis says:

    Here are my exercises with Porter. I included the Challenge sequences in this video. Thank you very much!


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