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Nested Challenge Sequence

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  • says:

    And here’s lesson 2 for Joan & Chewie

  • Liz Barlow says:

    Here’s Frank doing the German turn. I possibly haven’t trained this as much?

    Here’s Frank doing the threadle.

    I didn’t do the forced front cross cos he was getting tired. (Just bringing him back into work as we deal with some anxiety issues.)

  • Liz Barlow says:

    I ran both of these today and I’m just processing the video but I thought I’d share this side by side from my younger dog. how does he do it?

  • Sue says:

    Hi Sarah!
    The threadle felt slower but maybe that’s because I wasn’t having to move as much myself.
    I messed around with the backside blind a bit. At a recent seminar I attended, people were told to hold on a little longer with the left hand (in this case) and then put the blind in to tighten up the turn. I tried to do this but would need more practise.
    Thanks again!

    • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

      That’s interesting (the part about holding longer before the blind to tighten the turn). To me, that sounds to me like you’re tricking the dog into working hard to come to the dog side arm, then timing the blind just right so they can’t. Basically changing your mind on them (from their point of view). It would have the effect of tightening the line, the timing would be more touchy.

      I prefer better information earlier for the dog. But there are many many ways to do any single thing in agility and all have their own pros and cons.

      I’d be interested to know the handler/system, but I’m also fine if you’d rather not say.

      • Sue says:

        It was European handling. I like to try things out.
        It may have been a different situation that required more of a tight turn – I was auditing so didn’t get to try out the lines myself and there were no maps of the course, so I had to try and make my own sketches with estimated distances etc.
        In my third attempt of this drill, I just ran and I think that worked the best for Robbie.

        • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

          Trying things out is great! I’m all for it.

          One more thing that I wanted to mention, one great exercise for any handling that has slight variations (like the backside serp blind here versus backside serp without the blind which would keep the dog on the left) is to run it both ways multiple times. If your dog can read both, you’re good!

      • Sue says:

        Thanks! I will try the variation you said above. To be honest it’s not something I will probably do as it was a seminar aimed at people who are a lot better than me and I really need to concentrate on getting the basics right before I put any extra things in! Thanks for your thoughts on it!

  • Claire says:

    Hi Sarah. This is our video with Andy running the Challenge

  • Claire says:

    Hi Sarah. Here is Nancy’s video with Wesley running the Challenge

  • Barb VE says:

    Hi Sarah,

    This was an interesting exercise with 3 different ways to go around #3. That is the kind of backside that Patt can often do. Not always but often. The backside at #9 is coming down, almost every time, alas.

    But the good news is both young dogs, Lollie and Enzo, can easily do both types of backside.


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