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Exercise with Options

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  • Nancy T says:


    Hi Sarah. This is Wesley. I have a bad habit of bending down – somehow I started thinking it would get the dogs’ attention – besides not looking good, I actually think that posturing is slowing them down. I have been told to stand up – I just seem to default to that. Bad habit. I’ll keep working on that

  • Claire says:

    Hi Sarah. Nancy and I finally finished these today

    We were a little concerned that the dogs had to redirect a little to the tunnel after 4 and we thought that maybe we had our tunnel at too strong of an angle. I rewatched your videos and I see that you had a similar situation. I tried doing the front cross more toward the middle of the bar at #4 but Andy still had to come back in a little to take the #5 tunnel.


  • seahorse.joan@gmail.com says:

    Here’s Joan and Chewie with the 3 options.

  • Barb VE says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Just Patt and Lollie as we come to the home stretch. Enzo was working on his running DW; and that’s enough for one day, at any rate!

    So instead, I shared these exercises with my Monday training group. Because this is an all-purpose group, I felt there should be more than handling, so I added weaves as the last obstacle. I just now looked at the video and realized you are going to miss some really spectacular weave entries (with the challenge courses).

    Patt started off dropping the #4 bar but that was not surprising. When I over-handled it, he kept it up. As long as I don’t need to go too far downstream, that is a workable strategy.

    It was fun to ask these friends to do the flying FC; we pretty much never do that (use a BC instead). We had a good time!



  • Angela.sarra@yahoo.com says:

    Finished up today as we are showing next weekend and have limited availability to practice between now and leaving for FL in about 10 days! Yikes! I’m sorry that these came out so dark! I didn’t realize in the moment it was so dark. Let me know if I need to re-film.

    I like the blind between 2 and 3 followed by fronting the landing of 4 option. I didn’t like how close he was landing to jump 2 off of jump 4 on the pull option at 4. I also didn’t like how long he was jumping on jump 3 in any of the options.

    Found the challenge sequences fun! I like blinding after the tunnel but for some reason liked wrapping left at 5 rather than right. I liked the line to the tunnel better.

    Thanks so much for the fun course!!

    • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

      I wouldn’t have even noticed the lights! Totally enough light to analyze. First thing in the am!

    • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

      At that height I thought the jump 3 was largely reasonable. Execution was picture perfect, except you need to handle through the end of the last obstacle 😉


    • Angela.sarra@yahoo.com says:

      Some more fantastic analysis!! Thank you! Yes, I totally agree with you if I don’t drive thru that tunnel with him, I shouldn’t reward with tossing the toy ahead, should have him wrap back for it. I need to be more thoughtful about reward placement and/or finish the sequence!! You and Jenn are very consistent. I have gotten the same feedback from her too! The side by side is real interesting. Going into the tunnel the closer option is faster but completing the tunnel they are identical! It just seemed easier on his body to wrap left!

      THANK YOU AND JENN FOR ALL THE HELP! We are ready and hope to make you guys proud! 😉

      One more local show and we’re heading south!!!

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