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Exercise with Options

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  • Collene says:

    Really enjoyed the discussion and seeing how the cueing affected the jumping effort in Exercise 3. These things really help me internalize the things you are trying to teach us!

  • Melanie Horn says:

    Hi Jennifer! I seem to have issues with front crosses in general as Maverick is a bit faster than I am 😉 Not certain what I did incorrectly that he dropped the bar twice on the blind. Thank you! Melanie

  • Barbara Lewis says:

    I lose track of the Unit # when I listen to explanation and copy the course (and put notes on the copy) which makes it difficult to back track if I want to repeat listening to Jennifer.
    BTW she’s a super teacher. Clear, and just the right amount to learn.

  • timhwilliamson@gmail.com says:

    Hello Ms Jennifer! I am excited to have this chance to work with you. This Voulez, but I have a one year old Sheltie named Blink that will be competing soon.


  • Krys Townsend says:

    Hi Sarah, our attempt at the exercises.

  • Sue says:

    Hi Jennifer!
    I signed up for this to focus on Lyric and to give me confidence in the ring if we come across similar handling situations. It was also with the goal of moving up a level by April next year but that has been blown away as she won 2 of her 3 runs at the weekend and we are now in the next level for jumpers! 😬
    However, this sequence would be typical of the next level up so it’s perfect for us!
    Front cross was scary!
    Blind was thrilling, but felt safer than the front and was my preference. 😊
    Threadle was fun and I’m glad she can remember them as I’d put them aside for a while.

    • Jennifer Crank says:

      I am not surprised in the least that you moved up so quickly! Huge congrats! You have worked hard and it paid off.

      Feedback: https://youtu.be/aD8qUG1rKEU

      • Sue says:

        Thank you for your kind words. I practised the front cross without Lyric and then when I tried again with her she crashed in to me! I think I will break it down with less speed from her to just the jump before – does that seem like a good idea?

        • Jennifer Crank says:

          Absolutely! A bit of review on this recall skill would be very helpful. You might revisit the Collection Recall foundation content from a few months ago. But remember, this is only one of six different recalls so it might mean some practice on the other skills as well.

  • Michelle says:

    Here’s Jake’s attempt at the exercises & the challenge. https://youtu.be/obpskZj9fgM

  • Ana Ford says:

    Sarah couldn’t get the front cross early enough, the other option worked better for her.

  • Carol/Pogo says:

    This video contains both the short options and the longer challenge. We were challenged! https://youtu.be/Ay665NZ9L3E

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