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Exercise with Options

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  • Melanie Horn says:

    Hi Sarah! We had to do some back-chaining to be able to execute the plan 😉 I edited those out, but am wondering if you want to see more of the mistake takes?? I’m SO bummed that our first rear cross clip wasn’t recorded (handler error on the double click I think). Anyway, I left two of the double rear cross clips in to show how we do the rear. Thank you so much! Melanie

  • Sue says:

    Hi Sarah!
    I’ve done this all with Robbie. At 0.56 seconds that is when I swap to Lyric. A thunderstorm was on its way and it got too hot for her so we stopped.
    I hope it’s ok but I did the start differently as I’ve been having trouble in competition with Robbie taking what he thinks is the obvious tunnel! 😊

  • timhwilliamson@gmail.com says:

    Looking forward to hearing your feedback! Thank you!!

  • Krys Townsend says:

    Hi Sarah, I found this module challenging. I don’t do many rear X’s found this one a little tricky.

      • Krys Townsend says:

        Thanks Sarah, I’m really enjoying and learning from the feedback.
        I went back to module 3 and read we’re meant to receive notifications when the feed back is ready. Is that right? I haven’t received any, I’ve just kept checking to see if it’s been reviewed. Thanks again, Krys

        • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

          Ok – I took a moment and check on the technology that is supposed to do this. I made one small change and I tested it with a test student account and it worked. Please let me know if you continue to not see these emails. You should also add team@baddogagility.com to your contacts to make sure it doesn’t end up in spam.

      • Krys Townsend says:

        Hi Sarah, is there a way to keep a copy of the reviews? I’d like to keep it with the video. Thanks

        • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

          The YouTube links can be used to review these feedbacks at any time. You’re welcome to copy these links to whatever recording system you prefer (like a word document with your submissions and response, or excel, or a FB group you use as record keeping).

          Those links are not deleted by us. So that should work unless YouTube drastically changes policies.

          If you really want an actual video file, I’ll point you to the tool that I personally use to download videos from YouTube, “4K Video Downloader”: https://www.4kdownload.com/downloads

  • AmyH says:

    Here is Char with me doing a FC and then a serp. Not sure I can tell which one is better?

  • Ana Ford says:

    We had a wonderfully warm fall day. The dogs felt it was too warm and were slow!

  • Carol/Pogo says:

    Hi Sarah, I’m having a puzzling issue with Pogo…it happened last week with Jen’s course as well. He occasionally shoots off in an unexpected direction. I wondered if my dog-side arm was lifting or my shoulders were turned incorrectly. So I compared on Coachs Eye and my movement was basically identical on the correct and incorrect runs. I included the mistake runs here. Pogo is a novice dog due to the pandemic, more than age. He’s 2.5 years old. He has a lot of experience in class settings. If we have trouble in class, I think we are likely to have trouble at trials too…Jen’s thought was perhaps I’m shaping RC too much (swinging out) and thus he thinks a step away from him might be a signal to rear cross (when that isn’t what I want). He wants to go fast so this means he is making up his mind quickly and I need to figure out how to be more clear. I try to use my eyes to look at his path, but sometimes i need them so that I don’t run into things…

    • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

      Feedback: https://youtu.be/iL2ln0LgIMo

      Be careful not to over rotate your shoulders. You want your shoulders facing the direction you want your dog going.

      • Carol/Pogo says:

        Thanks Sarah, sounds like I need to think about 1) decel, and 2) notice if I’m doing the pull away cue (to try to “help”) on the rear cross and maybe that’s creating confusion. I’ve already noticed I’m putting skills from this class into action in my “in person” class. Nice to see the overlap in my training – thanks!

  • Michelle says:

    Here’s Jake’s attempt. https://youtu.be/OZzHzr2Pi4o Why do all the jumps on your field always look so much further apart than mine? 😂

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