Nested Challenge Sequence – Bad Dog Agility Academy

Nested Challenge Sequence

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  • Melanie Horn says:

    Hi Sarah! If I could communicate right/left better that might help 😉

    Here’s our try:

    Thank you! Melanie

  • Sue says:

    Hi Sarah!
    A few struggles with this but I worked through it.
    I am forgetting that Lyric is a baby dog and when I transition to her, I don’t think I give her enough support. I added the serp from the drills here as I missed it out with her.

      • Sue says:

        Thank you! I think that getting Lyric to take the extra step will be a lifelong thing – she is so powerful and strong and confident that she does this fairly often. Jennifer called her Evil Kinevil on one feedback one time! 😂 She was on the verge of (1millimetre away) from the next jump height and I sometimes wonder if this would have been better for her. I will continue to put in that work! Your feedback is so good for my confidence! 🙂

  • Krys Townsend says:

    Hi Sarah, I included a run where I’m not sure if I fully supported jump 6 and 9. Brynn missed them, I’m sure it was handler error. Would love your thoughts please. Kasey is my retired first dog , her run doesn’t need instruction. I know your busy, sorry, I just wanted to add her. Thanks Krys

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