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For Invitational Competitors

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  • says:

    Sadly I had to cancel because I live in California – totally pissed about it but better to be fit for next year – fun course. Just never felt I needed video fed back.

  • Nancy Huber says:

    We had a great first time at the invitationals with Shine (8” Boston Terrier).. 5 clean runs including Friday’s T2B. Not fast enough to make finals..but thrilled overall! I found this course to be very helpful although probably didn’t use it to it’s full advantage. The course analysis from last year’s runs was very valuable and helped me to quickly analyze maps and walk the course with nerves “on high”. I am finding that my girl likes to be “perfect” and careful at big events (AKC Nationals, Westminister and Invi’s) so a little slower than her usual self 😉

  • Ana Ford says:

    We are on our way to Orlando!! Sarah will be competing in the Junior Agility Competition with
    Hazel,8 “ class, 3 year old Toy Aussie- her own dog she has trained( Sarah was 8 years old when she got her)
    Denali ,12” class, 2 year old toy Aussie who came to us an adult last year. Very brilliant, though this will be her first big competition, she has been trialing just a few months.
    Flint, 16” class(though running 12 preferred), 8 year old border collie. He is Sarah’s brother’s competition dog. He was not comfortable traveling during the pandemic, so Sarah got permission to take her brother’s place as Flint’s handler.
    We are excited!!!

  • Ann says:

    No, I do UKI and USDAA but not gone to any trials because of COVID. This has been very helpful.

  • kbjones70 says:

    Sadly I’m not competing this year due to COVID. Siri and I were invited as the #1 German Shepherd team. While I know the AKC is doing everything they can for the event to be as safe as they can make it, I’m just not comfortable traveling and competing in such a large event with so many people from around the country. Maybe next year.

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