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Bonus! Round 1 Run Analysis

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  • BonnieDisney says:

    Jenn/Sarah- Looking at the front cross after the weaves and I personally prefer the front to a blind. Jenn did a front there. My observation is that the front can help the handler get rotated to show the turn (that is needed to be cued after the jump)? Does the front also cue a collection stride before the jump (jump after the weaves)? TKS Lovely run Jenn!

    • Jennifer Crank says:

      My decision to do the front over the blind was based on two different things, neither of which was why you liked it. First, it was NAC!!! I didn’t want to take my eyes of my dog in the weaves and risk him pulling out. I know, I know, I should have that skill but it is nationals and I didn’t come all this way for a weave pole fault 😉 Secondly, the turn out of the weaves was just significant enough that I really wanted to cue more of a turn than what the blind would have done. Neither the FC or BC, if done correctly, should effect the jump or the turn after the jump. By the time the dog exits the weaves the handler should be facing the jump decelerating regardless of which cross they did.

  • Patty4027 says:

    Would you be willing to analyze my runs from 2019 NAC?

  • BonnieDisney says:

    Great analysis! TKS Jenn! Double fronts- tough to get the second one in.

  • says:

    Sweet:) I handled this run exactly as you did with pretty much the same results:) That front to the triple; Amigo read it exactly as Swift did with my front cross, but still moving forward so he had to fight for that jump. I remember when I walked that course thinking that was going to be a key moment for many pairs out there and it certainly was. Along with supporting the jump coming out of the tunnel.

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