Round 3: Hybrid – Bad Dog Agility Academy

Round 3: Hybrid

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  • TsYorkieLand says:

    I ran my Papillon last year. I had Peyton on my right when I sent him to 15. As he wrapped back, I did a blind cross and ran a straight line with him on my left to the finish. I don’t know how that would work with my Border Collie though.

    • Jennifer Crank says:

      Yes, I certainly think that would work here but primarily because of the ring gating and the lack of off course options. I did almost the exact same thing at Westminster two years ago. Worked great! A shoulder rotation away from the dog (like in the blind cross) is a forward cue which doesn’t cue as great of a turn at 15 as a rotation towards them (front cross), but if you got commitment on the decel, you should be okay.

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