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Exercise with Options

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  • karyn.noyes@gmail.com says:

    Hi! This was fun! My cameraman captured most of the action… I left in some of our mistakes, mostly caused by late cues I’m guessing. I’ve been pretty nervous about blind crosses with Thumper, the first dog, because he’s so fast and I am often late, but we’d been working on that a bit this spring before classes came to a halt locally. I enjoyed trying all the ways with different dogs. I had some difficulty with the reverse spin in the blind option and would love feedback on that. I liked the serp blind before the tunnel.
    Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8PgpCfX9ZDQ

  • monique.hubrechts@gmail.com says:

    Hi ! This is my first post. I’m from Belgium and running with a Papillon (3 yrs old) “Lucky”. I have a L-shape garden, and not enough space in width, but we managed to run this ! I ran it first without looking at the examples and I did option 2 (rear crosses). Lucky is fast and even with more space, I would choose this option ! I only did the start position wrong,… https://youtu.be/85MXooP3uaE

  • agilitypractice@gmail.com says:

    Hi! This is my first post with my just turned 3 lab, Ashe. I ran the various options over two days, after running the FC option and the BC option the first day. I felt I was not setting a good line 2-3 and tried to do that better the 2nd day although it still didn’t look that good on video. This is his first day back on grass since last summer and we struggled with a few more bars than usual. The first day I had to babysit the send from 4-5 too much to even get close to the FC at 7-8, but was able to take a stab at that the second day. I left a lot of mistakes but if you would prefer to see less just let me know.


  • Leslie Wood says:

    Here’s our practice. I left a few blunders in there so you can give feedback on anything that may have caused those too.


  • Mary says:

    Finally a space to work and I can leave it up for a bit. Yay! Of course I’m behind so I’ll have to move one fairly quickly to set 2.


  • keegansmagic@gmail.com says:

    Here’s our exercise. I have trouble with FC and BC, because I’m usually not so far in front of Clever. I think this went well though. https://youtu.be/gm1k6S1Sc04
    Maren & CleverGirl

  • phosenfeld@wowway.com says:

    here is the front cross option: https://youtu.be/ZPHU8ls0mY4

    It felt like it was hard to get the front crosses done in time, and that a blind cross would have been a better option for me.

    Rear cross option: https://youtu.be/fiMpUqu-ppI

    Third option with blind cross on landing side of two worked better for me than the front cross: https://youtu.be/Kzme0iLzqz4

    looking forward to your feedback and looking forward to trying the challenge sequence.

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