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Nested Challenge Sequence

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  • says:

    We spent quite a bit of time getting to this stage – we aren’t very good at backsides yet. I did find I was more successful when I would use both arms, “hugging” the wing and putting one arm over the bar. Otherwise, I would think they were committed and both Thumper and Tigger would pull off, even when they were completely on the proper side of the jump. I left some bloopers in the video. Run order, Thumper, Tigger, Rocket.

  • Collene says:

    What is a “lead out push”?

    • Jennifer Crank says:

      I define a pull as a change of direction without a change of side with the handler on the inside of the curve. A push is a change of direction without a change of side where the handler is on the outside. A lead out push is then a lead out, generally to the landing of jump #2, where the handler positions themself on the outside of the curve to better cue the turn and force the dog on a line. Many of my lead out pushes use a collection recall on the landing of jump 2 to cue and direct the dog.

  • says:

    I felt pretty good about these, but when I watched the video I was really in his way on the BC and the lead out push in option 2. He did better with bars we were both a little better adjusted to the grass I think. But bars are something I have really tried to pay attention to as experience with previous dogs tells me labs are not the greatest jumpers. So any feedback you have is appreciated.

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