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Exercise with Options

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  • karyn.noyes@gmail.com says:

    I believe I was able to run this properly with my 2nd dog, Tigger, but not the others. I tried to get the front cross in before the tunnel and found it terrifying as my dogs came barrelling toward me.
    I liked the outside wrap much better than the inside for my dogs as it gave them a much better line. I did not put all my attempts in the video, but you’ll see I kept trying to get the right end of the tunnel after the inside wrap and kept failing.
    Thumper is first (4 year old, my first agility dog), Tigger is second (2 years old, green), Rocket is third (7 years old, wild, mostly my hubby’s agility partner).

  • agilitypractice@gmail.com says:

    Here are our attempts at these options. I feel like I was in the was for everything except the Threadle cue. Some random thoughts:
    – the # 6 jump (the wrap) was on a little bit of an incline and he seemed to have a little difficulty with that initially but seemed to get that worked out after a couple of times
    -I had a lot of trouble with the FC, worked it over 2 days as I felt I needed to try and get it without him as I think he was fine, I really think I only did one decent FC in all of these, otherwise I was just doing a bunch of little steps trying to get out of his way
    – he dropped the first bar one time which I failed to notice, stop and fix, I try not to let him go on when he drops the bar
    -BC I seemed to be in his way. The first time I did not get there in time for 2nd BC but thought the rear was ok and as you know we need to work RC anyway


  • monique.hubrechts@gmail.com says:

    I tried set 2, but was difficult, not enough space. Here is set 3. I was too late (no straight line) towards the last jump !


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