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Nested Challenge Sequence

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    I’ve found when I front cross between 8 & 9 that I go deeper than I should (toward the tunnel) as I know Thumper and Rocket will likely jump long and I don’t want them behind me. I need to remember to bend their line to where I want them to go instead of accommodating and accentuating the behavior by my going further than necessary. It was fun!

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    Here is some work on this one. As predicted the 8-9 sequence was difficult for us.

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    Here I have tried two options. The first one felt better for me (without front cross)

    and with front cross:

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    ran the challenge sequences this morning. In the first try of the sequence with a front cross on the landing side of 8, I did exactly what you said not to do (headed toward the left wing of 9 and Copper Sun read it as a back side):
    tried it again with better success:

    Next I sent Copper Sun around the right wing of 5 and picked him up on my right to push to 6. That took a couple of tries (no film) to get that right, and then still as you will see he doesn’t know where to go when he lands off 6:

    this felt like the best choice for us – a send around the left wing of 5 into a serp:
    I liked this option too for the nice line it created for Copper Sun on his approach to six.

    will look forward to hearing from you!

  • Nikki says:

    Thanks again Sarah! Really love the SBS. I felt that the “S” turn was faster for him, but the SBS really drives that home!

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    Here is our video for the Nested Challenge. Poor Kailani was tired because I kept messing up and sending her to the wrong side of jump 9.

  • Nikki says:

    Here is our go at the challenge sequence.

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    Definitely most comfortable with the blinds or rearing the tunnel. The front was awkward for me. On the challenge, our “here here” at a jump is not as good as at a tunnel so I would opt to do the backside as I’m fairly confident of success

  • Tomoko says:

    I used 3m straight tunnel.
    As you compared, S-es for #3 was faster and nicer line.

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    Flash nested challenge exercise 3. I had trouble getting a tight turn 8 to 9 and 9 to 10.

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