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Exercise with Options

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  • agilitypractice@gmail.com says:

    So I am posting the serp efforts and the nested course together as I am having a lot of trouble with Ashe defaulting to a Threadle whenever it is a serp and I thought maybe it would be helpful to see the two together from the two sequences. All of this is pretty much a mess and not our best effort. I wasn’t even going to post…but thought maybe there would be a few pearls in here somewhere. I can see I am doing a lot of arm flinging-something pointed out to me in class this week . It remains very hot here and although these were all done on the same day there were multiple trips back to the air conditioned car. There are a few bars at the end that I let go as I think he was getting hot. Additionally sometimes I felt he just wasn’t thinking that well due to the heat….I started out with a ball in my hand but I had to put it away after a couple of tries as he was really focused on


    • Jennifer Crank says:

      It is always a great idea to include some of your mistakes and allow us to watch you working through things. As you mentioned, sometimes we will notice things that could be adjusted to help with your success. In this situation, I could not figure out exactly why you were getting the threadle versus the slice except at the handling of the two looks very similar. You might want to start to think about a way to better differentiate the two. I had no sound on your video so that didn’t help and you might want to recheck in case that is something you can fix and I will re-watch.

      Feedback: https://youtu.be/ukV6ngufm6A

      • agilitypractice@gmail.com says:

        Hi Jennifer,
        Thank your for your feedback.feedback, not sure how it happened but the volume was turned off in IMovie, I will know now to check that. I am posting here with volume. In regards to the serp vrs the Threadle. I taught the Threadle as a slice Threadle and a wrap Threadle and the slice Threadle was supposed to be the inside arm, back behind me as if pulling him through the gap with the verbal “in, in, in” and the wrap Threadle was an outside arm and verbal “check, check, check”. The serp should just be an “over”. Now thinking that trying to differentiate was a mistake….and poor Ashe is so confused 😐 I am actually taking Linda M jumping class and I was currently working the slice drills which are basically serp drills and having the same struggles. I guess I need to regroup and maybe change the cue for the Threadle? Not sure how hard that is going to be.


        • Jennifer Crank says:

          Thanks for resubmitting with the sound. Unfortunately, I didn’t find any inconsistencies in your verbals. Just that you were late. On both the 180 and the threadle the verbal was given after the point that he should have made a decision about where to go. If you have been working a lot on threadle it may be that he is choosing to default to a threadle and by the time you say “over” it is too late.

          As for your threadle cues, using an inside arm for threadle slices is a common option but it does present more similar cues for a serp. I know Sarah and Esteban use an outside arm for threadles for this exact reason. Rather than switching your verbal, maybe use an outside arm for both types of threadles and differentiate them with handler motion. That is what I do with Swift and P!nk.

          I will be curious if Linda has any thoughts as well. Keep me posted!

  • agilitypractice@gmail.com says:

    Here are a few runs with FC and RC. The weather in Missouri has turned very hot and humid, not things the black dog is fond of so trying to keep training very short and sweet. We will try to do the serp and nested course tomorrow morning. We have really struggled with RCs but these went a little better.

  • keegansmagic@gmail.com says:

    Here are our tries. For the FC exercise, I didn’t like the FC from 6-7, she had a hard time committing to 7, because I kept moving back to much. I retried the section with a FC from 7-8 and thought her line was much better. I really liked the 3rd handling with the serpentine. It would probably have been my natural choice.
    Maren & CleverGirl

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