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Nested Challenge Sequence

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  • says:

    This was a fun exercise. We had a hard time with the FC 5-6. With her slicing 5, the line to 6 was really tough for her. I thought I was front crossing early enough, but not sure.I think the rest of the handling was good for us and felt natural.
    Maren & CleverGirl

  • Leslie Wood says:

    @Jennifer Crank, what do you use for your tunnel discrimination verbals?

    • Jennifer Crank says:

      “Tunnel” and “here”. My tunnel discrimination foundation is from Shape Up Agility so I matched my verbals to theirs to make it easier for me to learn and apply.

  • says:

    Here is Kailani’s video. We appreciate your feedback

  • Nikki says:

    Here is the Challenge Sequence for Shiver and I.

  • VDogs says:

    Here’s our work:

    Also, here’s how I think I look compared to Jenn… 😂

  • Tomoko says:

    Do you think # 2 is wide?

  • says:

    Flash and Carol nested challenge. I had difficult with the threadle. Tried a front cross between 7 and 8 to remove the off course tunnel.

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