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Exercise with Options

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  • monique.hubrechts@gmail.com says:

    Lucky’s attempt. I did rear cross before 4 and blind cross before 7.

  • Nikki says:

    This was quite the challenge. 2nd Front Cross was next to impossible to get. I noticed once I started reviewing the video that the jump right before the tunnel was cut out of the picture. Sigh. Second blind was also hard to get. My thought is a combo of the blind/rear would work best for us.


  • DebAbbott says:

    Wow, this one kicked our butts! Compilation of two different sessions, one with a startline and one without. Got the rear crosses to work, but never got the FC or Blinds to work. Good practice and I learned things watching my videos. https://youtu.be/2RUMkzWzD2k

  • VDogs says:

    Our work!! This was tricky!! 😂


    Feedback please!

  • gwyn.friedl@gmail.com says:

    I’d pick the blind cross option over the FC or RC, but it was good for me to work on the latter two as I still am struggling with the best footwork in order to show a cleaner line earlier for Amigo.

  • KarissaKS says:

    Jedi: https://youtu.be/6GX0679-kGM

    I think if I were to encounter this sequence in a trial I would likely default to a front/blind combo, with the front between 2-3 to try to eliminate the off course possibility to jump 6. Putting the front cross between 3-4 made it pretty much impossible for me to get to 6 in time to complete front cross rotation, but I could make a blind if I really committed to it. Rears worked fine, but I find I’m becoming increasingly impatient about “waiting” for rear crosses. It’s interesting to note that a decade ago rear crosses were my best friend and I rarely (if ever) handled in front of my dog! We struggled with the challenge at first due to Jedi being patterned to turning to the right over #4 from the first exercise. Because I know a wrap to the inside would not be the better path I didn’t include it, but I can certainly see how it would be the “safer” path in a trial as the turn to the outside was pretty tricky.

  • Hdickin580 says:

    Here is my work on this set. My knee is having problems, so I didn’t do any front crosses or handling where I had to really push to make it where I needed to be. On the challenge, I tried slice at 7 versus curl. When I walked in my set up, path for curl was 5’ shorter and I thought it was a better line to tunnel. Slice still won for K by about a body length and slice won for furrrrg by a head. Thanks for feedback!

  • LauraL34 says:

    Ace and TJ played this week’s courses! For both of them, the option with the blinds was faster (even though I chickened out on the 2nd blind with TJ….). And for the challenge sequence, the slice on #5 was faster for both by a smidge.

  • Tomoko says:


    BC fastest
    I practiced many times because FC was not good.
    comparison 50% time stretching

  • Angela.sarra@yahoo.com says:

    Hi Sarah, oh boy, this was a good one for us! We struggled with it and never successfully achieved the rear cross on the take off of 7. We had to settle with a rear on the flat on the landing of 7. The Front crosses were very difficult to get to. I struggled with getting 4 & 8 when doing Front crosses and almost had a collision on the landing of 6 doing them. The blinds felt natural and easy after attempting the fronts and rears. I’m not sure I’m going to like Candy Nettles…😂


      • Angela.sarra@yahoo.com says:

        Thanks Sarah! Really great advice on that rear cross! I think i’ll Try it again, placing the cross earlier. I run into a trust issue with crossing earlier as I’m afraid I’m going to push him off the jump. Will give it a try! If you have any suggestions on how not to push him off, let me know

        • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

          First off, just try it. It may be that he’d perform correctly, you’re just too afraid to put that much pressure on him.

          It may be that he pushed off early in his training, so you stopped doing it. But now he has more independence and can accept that pressure.

          In terms of suggestions, use your inside arm to help support the jump even as you start putting pressure on the line. Turn your shoulders toward the correct jump as well to add support.

  • drassdm@yahoo.com says:

    Hey Sarah,
    you said that there’s not much distance between jumps 6 and 7- the map looks like ~18 feet there, is that not correct?
    we plan to run these this weekend so I’d like to make sure that we set it up correctly.

  • newmancarol@hotmail.com says:

    Flash and my exercises. The rear cross was easiest and also slowest. The other three options were pretty close time wise. I felt most comfortable with blinds.


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