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Round 1: Jumper with Weaves

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  • beardie1234 says:

    Enjoyed your analysis as always. Lots to think about and try. I set up the course in my practice space and tried 4 options for the opening plus 2 for the closing box. The center section of the course I did with distance/layering. Love Zach Davis courses!

    • Esteban Fernandezlopez says:

      Great job!! I tried some new technology with the app, let me know what you think:

      • beardie1234 says:

        Thanks so much! The overlay tool is pretty impressive and informative. Your comparison of Truman’s opening variations was great to see because it shows me he is running with consistency and drive even when asked to repeat a sequence several times. In the ending sequence I was happier with the FC you had suggested in your analysis when I proved to myself I could get there to do it in a timely fashion. I tried getting the turn from the outside of the box to see how to get the job done if the FC proved difficult and it felt (and looked) awkward. Fortunately Truman is very forgiving!

        • Esteban Fernandezlopez says:

          I’m very happy with the overlay function because it’s something you couldn’t do with Coach’s Eye, which only allowed side by side.

  • jpintar says:

    I find it interesting comments so far were about the dog on left serp 1-4. A thought of mine as well but think the rear at 3 would give the dog better information and a nicer line to the weaves.

    For 16-18, I understand the “V” thing but also think it might create too much of a slice over 17 making getting to 18 a little tweaky. I would entertain a VERY timely FC at 17 to create a nicer line to 18.

  • Sue says:

    It’s interesting to watch the video from for the competition after watching your analysis. I can see different handling strategies for dogs like mine and put that together with your comments regarding the critical points of the sequence. Just putting that out there in case anyone else would benefit.

    I love course analysis! I always learn something new.

  • says:

    I am curious. For 1-4 what is the disadvantage to running dog on left? I do not generally lead out w my dog and she is not the fastest off the blocks

    • Esteban Fernandezlopez says:

      There’s not necessarily a disadvantage. When I do the map analyses, I assume you’re running a fast dog so it can be challenging to be in good position to show the dog the weave pole entry without getting loopy turns. If your dog is a little slower, you’re ahead of the dog, and they turn well with your good timing, it’s perfectly fine to be dog on left.

  • Nikki says:

    Surprised lead out to 2 and SERPing the line was not discussed as an option. Why would that not be preferable?

    • Esteban Fernandezlopez says:

      I think you can do a serp in the opening where #3 is the middle jump, in that case I would serp-blind so after #3 I blind as the dog takes off so they enter the weaves on my left.

      I prefer not to do that because it’s a little tough given the spacing to get out of the dog’s way to show the first weave pole, which will usually create a wider turn to the weaves. This wide turn my actually be helpful for dogs that need a straighter approach to be successful on entries, but for minimizing yardage, I don’t like the serpentine here.

  • mrtobescat says:

    Any thoughts on running 1 – 4 with dog on left as a serpentine?

    • Patty4027 says:

      My first thought too.

    • Esteban Fernandezlopez says:

      Yes, I like this serpentine version better than handling 2-4 as a serp with dog on right. You can lead out and call the dog over 2.

      I personally don’t prefer this because you typically get wider turns at 2 as it is very difficult to time the turn for most handlers because people rely on timing rather than the dog committing and then chasing the handler to #3. Ideally, the handler is already moving toward #3 and is at the wing of #3 as the dog is taking off for #2. Most people wait until they see the dog take off for #2 before they move, causing a wide turn.

      If your dog serps very well, absolutely yes, you can serp from either side of the opening. If your dog is a little loopy, then the preferred handling is in the video.

      At home you can try all 3 handling options with just 3 jumps and a straight tunnel instead of the weaves. You can also remove the first jump. Then you can compare all the options to each other. If you have a working spot option, feel free to do this and send me the video and I’ll do a side-by-side for you so you can know which is fastest for your dog.

    • Esteban Fernandezlopez says:

      Great question! See my answer below.

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