Round 2: Standard – Bad Dog Agility Academy

Round 2: Standard

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  • beardie1234 says:

    Interesting course. Thanks for your analysis. When faced with an opening like this I think I would almost always use an offset start position by which I mean leave my dog facing #1-#2 and go to the right side of jump #3 but standing paralleling the path I want Truman to take from 1 to 2 then rotate as he takes off for 2 so I can pick him up on my right hand. This puts me on the inside of the 3-6 loop and, I think, takes the off course over the 16-7 jump completely out of the picture. I see the value of the FC on the landing side of 2 and the deceleration to 2 you suggested but the first option risks my being late with the cross (alas always a possibility with me) and the deceleration puts me relatively behind. I really liked your suggestion of the BC after the A-frame which allowed me to at least stay equal with Truman from 7 to 11. I then did distance work from 12-18, with a rear cross on the take off side of 14 and the take off side off 18 both of which worked nicely for us.

    Here’s a video of our work. The see-saw loop is a little larger than the one on the map as there is a hole in my practice field where the see-saw should really have been!

  • jpintar says:

    Do you use reverse spins (never, sometimes, always) with your decel/v-cuts?

    • Esteban Fernandezlopez says:

      Great question! In my view, when you use a very sharp/strong decel and you turn against the dog (spin), you are doing a Jaakko turn rather than a reverse spin, which is great for collection.

      Reverse spins are great when we are okay with the dog jumping in extension so we use it for obstacle discriminations that don’t require tight turns (wraps).

      • jpintar says:

        Thank you….that’s how I approach it as well! I look at it this way ….If I need a tight turn I will most likely be closer to the obstacle and if I need/want a softer turn where there is an obstacle discrimination…I will most likely use a reverse spin and be further from the obstacle during execution.

  • Nikki says:

    I am not getting sound with this video.

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