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Exercises with Options

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  • pewing says:

    Here are links to videos of Switch running the course with 3 different handling options. I’m just now finding time to upload my training videos and greatly appreciate that you are allowing us to send these after the invitational. Feedback is appreciated but I know we are heading into the holidays so no hurry in responding. I found this course very helpful for prepping for the invitational and was thrilled we made it to finals and ended up 4th. Happy holidays, Patty

  • Michelle says:

    Here’s Jake’s attempt. I did the challenge with both a stay & a running start. https://youtu.be/wTToibVWuBc

  • jpintar says:

    Hi Sarah, here’s Juno and Jake with week’s 3 exercises.

    I wanted to redo all of these but the weather was not permitting! The things I see in my video I was not particularly happy with: Juno Ex 1, not enough shoulder rotation at 3 or enough “forward” latteral motion between 5-6 which would be okay for a sharper turn. Ex 3 – Wrong arm for the rear cross at 3. I’m sure you might see more but that’s okay! I’m trying to be better at seeing my own shortcomings!

    Jake: Mainly, the same thing with the rear cross for 1 and 2.

    Thanks and looking forward to your comment.



  • Kris says:

    Here is Hart’s first try at exercises 1 – 3 we are a work in progress- watching the video and comparing it to yours I seem to be late and going too far toward the jump. https://youtu.be/ycGXpGA832I

  • beardie1234 says:

    Here’s Truman’s work on the third exercise set. For some reason I don’t quite understand, Truman seemed to try harder with the curl option than the slice. So for comparison purposes I tried to choose the video clips where I thought his performance was the most similar on the two options. The good news is after we struggled a bit with these exercises on Thursday, we went to a trial on Friday and qualified in all three of our runs, completing our OAJ and getting second Open standard and FAST legs.

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