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Exercises with Options

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  • pewing says:

    Video links to 3 handling options. I had the most difficulty handling the turn over the jump before the tunnel in option 2. It felt awkward so maybe I was not executing it properly.

  • Ann says:

    Here is my attempt to make the corrections you suggested. I increased the distance between the jumps so Nina wouldn’t bounce. As you can see, she has a long stride. The only time I can get her to take off closer to the jump is when I am right at the jump facing her (we took LM jumping skills). This very long take off point is the reason the wrap in the last option has so much yardage(?). She sure is a challenge but so much fun!. LOL, Spark is sooo much easier to handle! But he is now is 10 and retired from competition 🙁 I appreciate you and Sarah’s help so much!

  • Kayla Swanberg says:

    Finally getting around to playing with this one, was a fun sequence to try! I usually play music to make it more fun and amp us up more 🙂

    I watched your feedback on my Dec SS after running this and in reviewing it can see that I need to pay attention to where my hand is…several times it’s pretty high so I’ll be working on that.

    I also need to make sure I’m cueing all of the turns, Claire went pretty wide a couple times when I didn’t decel/cue to help show her where we were going.

    I ran exercise 3 twice, the first time with a throwback slice (not sure if this maneuver has a name) that I would likely have done if I ended up behind on course and the second time with the curl just to practice the skill. Looking forward to your feedback, thanks!!


    • Jennifer Crank says:

      I love that you play music! I remember all the holiday music back in December 😁 It almost impossible for me to train without it if I am alone. That’s why I have an Alexa in my training barn 😉

      Kayla Invit Prep 6 Feedback: https://link.getonform.com/view?id=eU4pCRuF9Aam3zGpqWox

      • Kayla Swanberg says:

        I love my alexa in the house, will have to think about getting one for the barn!

        The serpentine blind makes more sense now, I was wondering what I did to make her go wide! We will definitely go back and work on some lateral sends/decel to reinforce those so she reads them better as well!

        Carat is definitely the dog that adjusts to my handling and adds strides to help herself whereas Claire makes me handle better as I need to cue her where to turn

        We’ll go back and play with the serpentine blind treating it differently than the blind in extension and resubmit more video. I’m also going to work some of the backside wraps that were in the challenge so I can work on my positioning for those, I never thought about it as still needing to show the wing…makes so much sense and I think my dogs will read it better as well! thank you!!

  • Ann says:

    Hi, here is my attempt with both dogs at Ex 1 & 2. I added the WP just to see where I could get to. My goal is to do it twice including WP, once with the FMFC and the other with the recall BC.

  • jpintar says:

    Hi, here we are with only exercises 1 and 2 since we were running out of sun! For 2 and BC’s, I was late on the arm/shoulder rotation. Thanks ahead for your comments! Hope to get the next 2 exercises done tomorrow.


  • Daniela F says:

    I tried to get these knocked out over the weekend, so it’ll probably be more of the same again. I tried a couple other handling options to see what else I could make work

  • beardie1234 says:

    Here’s Truman’s work on this.

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