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Exercise with Options

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  • gippiezoi@gmail.com says:

    Im stuggling in course building so its no quite right. ( bad habit I see starting is bending over when I’m trying to get a tight turn or have her come in to me )

  • Daniela F says:

    The first exercises I repeated twice each, once starting from stationary and once starting with the dog in motion. The challenge exercises we struggled quite a bit when wrapping 6. He really really wanted to slice it (I don’t blame him, so did I 🤣), but since I was asking for a wrap we worked through it. There are also a couple extra handling choices at the end. Thank you!

  • beardie1234 says:

    I spent Thanksgiving weekend competing at the AKC trials in West Springfield, MA and the JWW courses there definitely supported Jen’s choice of this exercise set as useful practice. I added a set of weave poles to start so I could get a better idea of how far ahead I needed to be to get the blind crosses done if the sequence was in the middle of the course. I also did one rep with a lead out/FC as that is likely how I would choose to do a sequence like this at the start of a course. I also layered jump 2 going from 5-6 as that gave me a better turn. For the challenge sequence, I had an off course broad jump to the right of jump 6 which doesn’t show up in the camera view. It was left over from a previous set up but I left it there to see how I had the manage the slice turn over 6 and get 7 and not the broad jump. First time through Truman did buy the off-course so it was good practice. And the curl approach did remove the temptation of the off course.



  • vannamanzi@gmail.com says:

    Should be all exercises with challenges

  • deehudson99@gmail.com says:

    Here are the Exercises 4
    I still feel I am late because I have to over support the tunnel. We will be practicing the tunnel entries again. He seems to question me. It has been a while since we have worked specifically on tunnels. I really appreciate your feedback. I am beginning to hear your voice in my head coaching me! LOL


  • Ana Ford says:

    Sarah and Hazel’s practice and nested challenge.

  • deehudson99@gmail.com says:


    I have included my screw ups as well. I had a great deal of difficulty getting my timing down on my blinds. I was always late! I also think I need to learn to trust my dog more. I will be excited to hear what you think. We are still very new to this.

  • Ellen says:

    Here are all 3 options. Video is really dark as I was losing the light.
    She did actually run past the last jump on the first time so I had to watch that on the following turns.


  • halina.m.bednarz@gmail.com says:

    Here is Maddie’s video running the sequence with the 3 different options, after the first video I for some reason forgot the last jump and did not realize till I was home that day, oops!


  • KMAC says:

    We really enjoyed these courses! I’m feeling so much better since I took some time off! The boys had very few errors and again Vibe had the fewest. Exercise 2 the spin was too much for Vibe as he turned tighter than needed and slowed him down. It was also too much for Psychic.


    I was so proud of my 360 wraps on Exercise 2 with all three boys. I took what Jen said about allowing space between the wing and my position and applied that information for some Beautiful Wraps!!! Thanks again, Jen!! On the opposite turn, Serp Wrap exercise 1, we need help. Oops, I might have said “right” instead of “left.” That could be the problem. All three boys were fast but I felt very wide. Suggestions? Should I change my position? A earlier verbal?

    Thanks so much for your Help!!!

  • Claire says:


    Here we are with Exercises 1,2 and 3
    I enjoy doing more rear crosses with CharLee as he seems to read them well.
    I am not sure if the spin is for us?
    Thank you for your feedback.

  • theclementshome@gmail.com says:

    I found these hard the dogs were fast lol my knees are bad and my go to handling is almost always rear crossing but I loved being pushed out of my comfort zone. I needed a longer lead out too

  • theclementshome@gmail.com says:

    I need help I have CD4 but cannot for the life of me figure out how to put the exercises in to print a coordinate map. I print the exercise map and can set course but would like to know how to do it. Thank you.

  • beth.janos1@gmail.com says:

    Here is Mia and I, I forgot to do the rear… (these are our first attempts)

    noticed on these I led out pretty far, maybe cheated a little.
    never run her to a dead toy, I will work on that.
    try not to run with a toy in my hand but sometimes I forget.
    trying to make myself say “jump”, but my habit is to run silent
    I never video myself on this kind of stuff and I can see I need to.



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