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Exercise with Options

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  • theclementshome@gmail.com says:

    So frustrating! Slippery and I can’t seem to be where I need to be and the dogs notice it and the white heeler doesn’t really run in the mud lol but we are trying.

  • KMAC says:

    Oops, I completed this course a couple of weeks ago and forgot to post it. Psy is benched still.

  • deehudson99@gmail.com says:


    I have sent several videos to show progress. I am still very late with my crosses as I am still working at trusting my dog. You will notice on some of the videos I added another jump to start. He was missing the first jump if I set him off at an angle as suggested. I used the additional jump to form the arch and he understood this better which allowed me to get ahead of him.

  • Daniela F says:

    I really enjoyed this exercise! I struggle with 270s so I appreciate you making me practice them, and I am very excited to say we didn’t knock a single bar! We struggled a bit with the opening of the first challenge. Twice Dizzy read it as a back side. I added an extra handling choice for the challenge, setting up as if it was mid-course and stuck with dog on left. Thank you!

  • Claire says:

    Here is Andy running Exercise 6


    And here is CharLee’s video for Exercise 6


    Thank you!

  • beardie1234 says:

    Don’t normally try two sets of exercises in the same day but wasn’t sure if the weather would hold. Good practice with wraps…we saw a lot of these at the Thanksgiving cluster.



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