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Round 1: Jumper with Weaves

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  • Bob Daigle says:

    Hi Jennifer-
    Beautiful run.
    1. The sound appears off on the video run itself. I was trying to listen for the timing of your verbal cues.
    2. Before seeing your run and walkthrough I โ€œwalkedโ€ it as a rc between 10 & 11 on the flat. Two questions-kinda:
    A). Would a rc on the flat between 10-11 risk the bar coming down at 11 as you are asking the dog to change leads in mid-air over the jump?
    B). It appears your fc between 9-10 is late (omg you are fast footed). Am I correct and when do you accept a late fc as the best maneuver and what went into โ€œyourโ€ thinking for that handling decision?
    I love this portion of the course and is why I signed up. My issue is handling decisions with Blew Bayou.
    Bob Daigle

    • Bob Daigle says:

      And then your send to 11 was beautiful after your fc as you continued to drive hard to 11. I would have been afraid my dog would have curled to the weaves-pulling off of 11.

      • Jennifer Crank says:

        I think it is very common to have difficulty decelerating at the completion of a front cross or blind cross. “A body in motion stays in motion” as they say ๐Ÿ˜‰ I learned good body control when I was young and it was easy. Now that is isn’t as physically easy, the subconscious control takes over. Most handlers can control their speed out of a cross when a lot of thought is put into it but often we are thinking about so many other things that it is hard to remember/control.

    • Jennifer Crank says:

      1. I did not realize there wasn’t sound. I will have Sarah check into that and see if we can get that resolved. Although, the speaker for the camera is pretty far way so I’m not sure you would hear my verbals anyway.
      2a. The RC on the flat would be fine there. And if you did it well, there would be no additional risk for the bar than a poorly executed front cross. Yes, a poorly timed RC asking the dog to switch leads over the bar would put it as risk for falling.
      2b. Yes, I was late on the FC but I made the decision that the late FC would still be less risk, and faster, than my RC. I don’t do many rear crosses and prefer to do fronts and blinds when I can. I know the front cross was going to be hard, but I still felt better that that choice. It helped that P!nk was not my first dog to run that course. I had the advantage of getting feel for it with my slower dogs.

      I’m glad you are enjoying this part of the course. A LOT can be learned by studying agility without actually dong agility. I wish most people understood that value ๐Ÿ˜‰

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