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Exercise with Options

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  • Hsidmore says:

    I thought I posted today but I don’t see my post. If this is a duplicate, Sorry. Desmo and I Module 3, exercise 1. I felt like I felt at nationals, never quick enough to be where I needed to be to give him the proper info. https://youtu.be/IyGn22lkTT0

  • carolynherrity@mac.com says:

    Hi! I’m finally posting my first video for feedback. Tonks and I have been struggling with figuring out our timing and correct positioning for showing her the proper line to prevent a dropped bar. Since completing these exercises, I have discovered that she is consistently taking the line typical for small dogs, tighter, smaller and adding in unnecessary extra strides when attempting to collect. I have noticed improvements on her keeping bars up by incorporating early pressure on her line to push her off the inside of a jump on a turn or when she needs collection. Any additional ideas or support is so appreciated! Thank you! -Carolyn


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