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Nested Challenge Sequence

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  • Kathy McClung says:

    Hi Sarah!
    This is our try at Set 1 of the AKC National Prep Course.
    We moved and I don’t have a place to practice at home, but it is coming! We are waiting for grass to grow. I am so excitd about this course & am going to try and get as many of the exercises in before Nationals as I can. I’m feling a little behind & underprepared not having a place to practice at home. Luckily our kennel club has a field we can use but there are no wing jumps, so we did this exercise with wingless jumps.

    This was a great challenge. I felt like I had a lot of trouble getting into a good position for the front crosses. We dropped a bar in the front cross set and the blind cross set. We didn’t get a chance to do the challenge because it got too hot s I had to end the session. I’m ging to try & set it up again, if I get a chance because I really wanted to try that backside/blind/German turn!
    Thanks for your freedback!

  • Maureen says:

    I set up the sequence then it rained for 2 days. I finally got out there and it started to drizzle by the time I did the challenge. I had forgotten how you ran it but I did 2 options.

  • Natasha says:

    With the edition of the dog walk, it created a siren song for those with high reinforcement, so I had to work for a tighter turn to come with me off of 6 (may have edited some of that out). Really fun challenge!

  • says:

    We gave this second lesson a try, but our hour was almost up, so we only ran it once.

  • Nikki says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I actually did the entire sequence and started Shiver both on left and right with a wrap around the cone to simulate coming from either direction on course. I am jumping him at 24″ for the challenge sequence as we are running ISC at NAC.

  • CrystalAimes says:
    I started him from a wrap for fun at the end but in retrospect it might have created a better argument for going the other way on the backside just because of where I put the cone but his reps from a startline were all totally fine so I just wanted to try it more in flow for the last few. Just adding that because in hindsight if the course map came from the direction we were coming from I’d probably choose the other wing- but at least I know we can also get the inside wing if we want it 🤷‍♀️

  • VDogs says:

    Here’s our exercise with options plus the challenge!! Thank you!!

  • agilitywizard says:
    First attempt – I did a push/serp blind in opening. Definitely need threadle at 6 which I executed and was pleased on Pizzazz’s response. After I tried #2 as leadout take off of #2 to throw back blind but it is harder for me to get out of dodge that way IMHO

  • says:

    I ran this twice, going both directions for the backside send. I actually preferred sending to the right side.

  • Carol N Flash says:

    I enjoyed this “challenge.” I definitely set up a strong need for a threadle 5 to 6, which he handled okay. The first time through, Flash definitely was confused 7 to 8 to 9. We made it but he definitely paused.

  • KMAC says:

    The SNOW melted!!!! So I got out and had a short training session. I’m not sure if I could send short videos of both my boys or not please let me know if I need to send video of only one dog. Rolex is 4yo and going to his first Nationals. Last year COVID kept us home. Vibe is my baby dog who turned 2 last October. His first trials were late fall. As I watched the videos, I don’t seem to be moving but then again I am 70. I just think I can do better.

  • KMAC says:

    Question: You use the threadle command from 5 to 6 so the dog does not take the backside 6. To me a threadle command means to take the jump 6 & turn back to me to immediately be sent away from me to another jump. Doesn’t using a threadle command here water down your threadle command because the behavior expected is different? Is there another command that could be used here?

  • Barb VE says:

    Greetings team,

    Here is my video:

    I have included two versions, since I would almost always use a threadle on this type of lead-out instead of the German. And I think he turned slightly tighter with the threadle.

    Same note as before:
    I substituted a panel jump at 5/8 since he has dropped it a couple times recently.
    Also note, this is not a very good surface; it is quite slippery but Enzo has run on it his whole life and seems to adjust well.


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