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Exercise with Options

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  • Maureen says:

    Surf felt slow on the rear cross option so I thought I’d do it again. Then I got too far ahead or didn’t decel soon enough. I used the jump that was on the field for the “cone”. I should’ve started with her for the RC instead of giving myself too much time.

  • Barbara Lewis says:

    RE: exercise #1 You didn’t mention that at the time your dog is in the air and landing from #1 your right should is fixed and strong helping the make the dog’s path very clear to him/her and avoiding any tendency to turn the dog to the left too soon,. Any comments?

    • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

      Right Shoulder? Yes, it’s really important with the rear cross that you commit the dog to the jump first, THEN pressure the line. Too many people try to pull with their shoulders while running into the dog which confuses them.

      Commit THEN pressure.

  • agilitywizard says:

    A bit late due to technical issues but it is finally here.

  • Nikki says:

    Hi! Here is my go with Jury on Lesson 1. Thought I had posted this earlier, but guess not. 🙂 Thanks in advance for feedback!


  • Tracy says:

    Elvis working on the Mod 5 exercises.


  • Carol N Flash says:

    With these exercises, the front cross was the safest, but also the most difficult for me to get into the right position. The blind worked well.

  • Natasha says:

    Jazz, Spice & Suzie tried this out today. I had a little bit of extra time & was able to move some stuff around to design this, so there are plenty of distractions in extra cones lying around.

  • beardie1234 says:

    Here’s Truman’s work on these exercises. Thanks in advance for your comments.

  • magysagility@aol.com says:

    Here’s first attempts with the options. https://youtu.be/w3M8VS8NHKg

  • Diane Wood says:

    Here is our attempt at the exercises.


  • Barb VE says:

    Here is my video.
    Interesting that the hardest part for Enzo was making the 90 degree turn out of the tunnel.

  • KMAC says:

    Module 5: Exercises with Options
    Today, with Rolex, we had all kinds of difficulty on the RC. When I look at the video, I seemed to be out of position. I don’t understand why he kept getting the off course jump. Both you and Jen have given me some superb feedback on my FC. I’m really concentrating on improving it. It really helps me to have a Focal Point as to when I should start and finish the crosses. So I am starting the crosses at commitment and trying to finish them prior to the dog landing. I can’t tell you how much I am not only learning but also enjoying this course. Thank you 1000 times!


    Oh, I’m trying to complete this module because next week I will be out of town.

    • Sri Kothur (& Abbey) says:

      Thanks for posting this since it helps all of us. It looks like the front cross worked well. I was wondering if this is a great simulation of how this would work on a course for you. Specifically, I noticed how little motion you use in getting into position for the FC. Your dog is off screen and you almost have the front cross done. It almost looks like what would happen if you started a FC two obstacles in advance. If this is indicative of how much distance you have when executing a FC, then my point about the lack of motion is less relevant.

      For most people, I imagine they would be coming from somewhere else and thus be cueing more motion into that off course tunnel. My thoughts apply to blind cross reps as well. Sometimes humans need to use cones too. 😁

      • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

        Yes – it could be that in a trial there is no way for certain handlers to get into that FC or BC position. In that case, part of the skill of the exercises is knowing how much ahead of your dog you need to start to practice it and then internalize that so that when you are looking at a course you realize how much distance you need and if that’s realistic to make.

        In other words, at the start of a sequence like this, I expect you to estimate where you need to be to do a GOOD FC/BC so that you can get in that practice. And then also remember that spacing so that if you do NOT have that kind of space in another sequence, try something else like a rear.

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