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Nested Challenge Sequence

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  • Kayla Swanberg says:

    Had fun playing with the set 4 exercises yesterday! These are first attempts plus some reruns (appropriately placed in the video clips). My music playing had some expletives in it so I silenced that and added some generic music 🙂

    On the first exercise I was too slow on my spin and Claire actually turned to the right vs left so I need to work on tightening those up…I’m not sure exactly what happened with the FC on the challenge sequence I’m guessing I didn’t finish my turn quickly enough causing her to turn back and double jump the first jump before going on to the second. On option 2 of the challenge I didn’t even ask for the threadle at #8 as I did not make it there in time.

    With Carat on the challenge FC a cheese ball fell out of my pocket so that’s why she has a stutter step there lol I asked for the threadle slice on option #2 but was very late so did not get it.

    Looking forward to your feedback – best of luck during the rest of NAC really enjoying the before & after so far! Thanks!!

  • agilitywizard says:

    Hey Jen! Worked on your pointers. Here are the exercises redone. I did teach a separate command for the pull-thru/turn back behavior. Still needs more proofing but she is definitely getting it. Take a look and lmk if I am on the right track.

    • Jennifer Crank says:

      Yes, definitely better! I was also curious to see which option was faster to did a side by side as well on #3-7.

      Pizzazz Mod 6 redo:

      Pizzazz Mod 6 side by side:

      • agilitywizard says:

        Thanks for your great comments and side by side. Completely agree with transition of full extension to collection. When she is at top speed it takes her a lot of effort just to add in the extra stride between jumps let alone “true collection” – I will keep working on this. I can get it on the flat and at lower speeds – I will keep working on it! Any exercise ideas? Like your idea of using a prop on #5.

        • Jennifer Crank says:

          I think the obvious exercises are extension recalls and walking backwards. But I think extension recalls through a tunnel and/or extension recalls with an off course obstacle dead ahead are also a good way to increase the challenge. It also might be good to determine her extension spacing so you have a better idea of what her striding will be on any particular distance.

  • Carol N Flash says:

    Flash and my nested challenge. The first option worked well, but I felt out of position for the front cross between 4 and 5. I had difficultly with the second option getting the threadle in before 8. I didn’t trust my dog enough and was late on the blind. I would need to practice this a lot more before attempting it in competition.

  • Tracy says:

    Elvis’ Mod 6 Challenge work

  • agilitywizard says:

    Pizzazz Challenge Option 2

      • agilitywizard says:

        Thanks for the feedback Jen – I do struggle with the timing of trying to get downstream fast enough yet show decel and then executing this particular type of threadle followed by a turn back towards me. BTW – what I told her was “FLICK” which means to turn away from me. I was not 100 % convinced I needed a completely different verbal but if I understand you correctly you believe it to be essential. Do you have a threadle program that covers this or do you have a suggestion of one out there?

        • Jennifer Crank says:

          I do think that with the direction things are going, two threadle verbals make sense if you are going to pursue doing premier in AKC and/or UKI events. The difference to me between a threadle verbal and a generic turn away cue is that my threadle verbals function as obstacle commands where my turn away cues can be used on the flat. If I am 15′ from a jump and I cue my “in, in, in” (threadle rear), my dog should NOT look towards me or head check towards me. They should drive the 15′ out to the jump and turn away and take it. If I have a threadle out of a tunnel and I give my verbal on time, they should not head check towards me at exit. but rather drive straight to the jump and take it. My turn away cue is more of a “turn away now” cue that can be used on the flat to get my dog to turn away once I already have them in the correct position. Does that make sense?

          Regarding additional info, I will have Sarah double check for me but I don’t believe we have a special threadle class. All of our threadle content is available in the VIP academy but not organized in a special class. Let me confirm that for you.

        • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

          With regards to threadle handling:

          At this point we do not have a threadle course. We do include Shape Up foundation training in the VIP program and that does include threadle training.

          You could also take classes from Shape Up directly, they have heavily influenced all of our handling (myself, Esteban and Jennifer).

          The VIP will open to new members in May if you want to join then. You’ll get access to a lot of the Shape Up training as well as ALLLLL the VIP materials.

  • KMAC says:

    Here is Option 2 of the nested Challenge. Question? Are there different kinds of threadles? I use “Look” meaning come in & turn away to the next jump. I use “In In” for the threadle rear meaning come in and do a 360. I had difficulty getting the boys to threadle and slice. Gosh, I’m not sure if that clip is in the video as I try to keep them short. Thanks so much for your feedback!

  • KMAC says:

    Here is Option 1 of the Nested Challenge. I definitely need to work on tighter wraps as you mentioned earlier but I also think Rolex is slicing the 360 wrap. Can that be improved? Thanks so much for your help!

  • agilitywizard says:

    Pizzazz doing Option 1.

  • Barb VE says:

    Hi Jen,

    Here is my video for the challenge sequence. We thought the BC in the second handling option could go earlier, so I included that option, also.


  • VRuffCrew says:

    I know this needs work… 🤣

    • Jennifer Crank says:

      You watch this and think it needs work. I watch and think loads of improvement. Good work!

      Monty NAC Mod 6:

      • VRuffCrew says:

        Thank you!!!! Girl, threadles are going to kill me… I literally just switched to that from the off arm- I still do off arm for threadle wrap, but that makes legit sense for the rear!!! 🤦‍♀️ I really need to write all these down!!! 🤣 Thank you again!! It helped having you show me the improvement- I guess it’s really hard to tell but I appreciate it so much!!!

      • VRuffCrew says:

        So do you have different verbals for a threadle wrap and a threadle curl?

        • Jennifer Crank says:

          Yes. Threadle slice is “side” with an inside arm. Threadle curl is “in” with an outside arm.

          • VRuffCrew says:

            I mean for a threadle wrap as in, threadle that jump and come back to me and a threadle curl like what was in the exercise? Are those different cues aside from motion?

          • Jennifer Crank says:

            Ohh, I see what you’re asking. No, I do not have a different verbal for a threadle rear that is just a 180 back where you’re coming from vs a threadle rear as a 360 but I know people that do. Enya, for example, has three threadle verbals that I learned about when she was at my place last week. I’m not saying I don’t understand the need/use for them but right now I’m happy with two. I’m a big believer of quality over quantity when it comes to verbals.

          • VRuffCrew says:

            Gotcha!! I try to keep things simple too!! Thanks!!

  • cBiscuit says:

    Hi, this admittedly took a few go rounds 😀

  • Nikki says:

    Here is a go on the challenge course for this module. I did not do the wrap at 8, had to really support 5.

  • Maureen says:

    You really kicked my butt on this challenge! I had recently said to a friend that, “either the challenges aren’t as hard or I must be getting better.” 🤣 not on this one.
    Seriously, recovering from my surgery has been tough. It left me completely without energy or stamina plus having to be careful with my head turns. Just a couple weeks ago I could barely run for a minute so getting through this is good.
    I had trouble getting to 4-5 for the cross. The camera is sitting on top of the Aframe just beyond 4-5, that’s where it looked like the course was going. It was even more difficult getting to 8. We did not have the backside slice with continuing forward skill. I broke it down and will continue to work on it.
    I’ve left in all the reps. Usually it only takes one or two.

  • Natasha says:

    Same thing on this one. Girls were ran in the order that you see. Again I worked on some drifting with Suzie. I also added the short tunnel after the last jump, since there wasn’t much of a landing space due to space.

  • says:

    Option 1:Struggled sprinting through jumps 2-4 then decel to 5. Also from 6-8, didn’t know when I should decel to show push to a wrap better.
    Option 2: Jump 7-8 was new to us. Caught myself saying jump from a previous feedback you mentioned. I think it’s a mental note for myself to step towards the jump after crossing the plane of the wing.

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