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Exercise with Options

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  • Ann says:

    Hi Jennifer, The 180 RC is definitely a challenge for me! Looking forward to your comments & suggestions.


  • beardie1234 says:

    Here’s Truman’s work on these exercises. Struggled with Option 1 of the small space as it had too many FCs in too short a distance for me to keep them timely. Managed but Truman had to be a good boy and go around me in spots. Did better with options 2 & 3. Enjoyed trying both options for the challenge. I think our threadles are starting to improve. As always your commentary is very informative.

  • KMAC says:

    Thanks again! Loved the detailed instructions and feedback.


  • magysagility@aol.com says:

    Only used 6 wps to practice the exits. Liked option 1 best. Option 2 wraps to the left, Mimi still slices at times. Option 3 rear crosses, drifting to left, should have rotated more towards tunnel. https://youtu.be/ogAhvIn7nUY

  • agilitywizard says:

    Here is Pizzazz! I added a 4th option of a serp on 4 – fun sequence

  • Maureen says:

    I couldn’t fit everything in from the camera angle on top the Aframe so you just get the inside corner of jump1.
    I switched up the endings to practice weave entries since the trampoline was in the way.
    Funny how when it’s put together it looks like we just keep on running. 😆

  • Carol N Flash says:


    Flash and my exercise 6. I added a comparison of the blind cross and the rear cross options. There was not as much difference as I expected.

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